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How to squeeze Meditation into your busy schedule

You want to start a meditation practice … but …

  • You have to be at the office early

  • Your kids need to get to school

  • You need to make breakfast—and prepare dinner

  • You’re always running late

  • You like to work out in the morning

These excuses are all valid because you have a busy life. You probably have a long list of other excuses that are also valid. But guess what? You still have time to meditate.

Everyone can find time if they make it a priority. If Oprah Winfrey finds 20 minutes twice a day to sit in stillness, you can spare a few minutes, too—even a few minutes is better than none.

Here are a few suggestions so you can squeeze a meditation into your day, no matter how packed it is with to-dos. Even one or two minutes of meditation each day could make a world of difference in your emotional state and mindset and I offer a FREE 1 minute exercise in this video….

You may continue to think of another excuse, but there aren’t any good ones when you’re given permission to simplify and adjust meditation to your busy life. There is still time to register for my 21-Day Meditation Challenge, where you will receive a daily email from me for the next 21 days with an audio which you can listen to as many times as you wish.   Registration closes on 30th September.  CLICK NOW  21-day-meditation-challenge-2

Meditation is for everyone!  Find balance and get centred with me today… The 21 Day Meditation Challenge is your way to finding complete balance and total zen. For 21 days you will receive one 2-15 minute meditation class per day, right to your email inbox. You’ll get your zen on for 21 days, wherever you like. All you need to get started is an email address and a few minutes per day to relax and let go. Join me and hundreds of others on this amazing journey. Anyone, who wants to learn how to calm their mind and be a little bit less stressed-out can join.  I will be your inspiring and generous mentor on your meditation journey! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 


The Busier You Are, the More You Need Meditation

21 Day Meditation Challenge has kicked off this month, so I’m taking a closer look at the transformative power of meditation and how it changes people’s lives for the better.

The thought of meditation makes some people cringe, as they think…

  • that they’ll never be able to do it, because they can’t concentrate
  • or they don’t have time
  • or they have what is known as a “monkey mind”.  This is when our troubled thoughts that are often in our minds are concerned with the fears and pressures of life: What will happen if I lose my job? I wonder if my partner might be unhappy with our relationship? What if I don’t have enough money when I retire? Irrational fears perhaps, but made real by our own constant attention. How infuriating and exhausting it becomes.

Anyway, back to Meditation.  As long as you can breathe, you can meditate.  That’s it.  And it’s that simple.  Even though I’ve been teaching meditation for 20 years, it is now part of my daily routine.

I’ve been pretty good about being consistent. Sometimes I miss a day but that’s ok and every Monday evening I teach meditation to people who say…

“I found it most useful to practising the various meditations in a class, the excellent exploration of the concept of mindfulness in very simple terms by using very simple images/metaphors. Heather is an excellent communicator.” S.D.

“”Thank you very much for making such a difference in my life!…” D.H.

“After being dogged with anxiety for years, I finally have the tools to prevent myself from slipping into the downward spirals that have taken over so much of my life. I am now calmer, happier and optimistic that the future will be very different…” J.G.

As many people couldn’t get to my class due to wrong day, wrong time or geography, it compelled me to write a 21 Day Meditation Challenge, for everyone to give it a go in the comfort of their own space.21-day-meditation-challenge-2

Personally as a menopausal woman, I feel like a mental fog lifts from my brain each time I meditate. I feel more relaxed. I’m calmer. I’m more in tune with my inner sense of knowing than ever before. I experience more coincidences. I also feel more intensely; I’m happy now rather when something will happen………… or if I’m eating one of my favourite dishes, I’m more in the moment to enjoy and savour it.

Since I got serious about maintaining a daily meditation practice, it’s as if I went from experiencing my life through a black-and-white TV to experiencing it through HDTV with satellite—sharper, with colour, and more channels! It’s my favourite tool in my ever-growing health and happiness tool kit, and I hope that you’ll try my 21 Day Meditation Challenge.

In the morning, I’ll wake up and meditate before I have my hot water with lemon, but some people find it easier to meditate at bedtime.

The biggest benefit I’ve experienced from meditation is that it’s made me a more sane entrepreneur. One of the challenges I have is a never-ending to-do list, and there’s always something to worry about. The ability to compartmentalize and focus and tune out the distractions, crises, and worries when I need to is absolutely critical; otherwise, I’d never sleep! Meditation has absolutely helped me do this, and without my practice I think back to when my marriage broke up and know that  I’d probably have lost my mind. Thank goodness for Meditation!



21 Days Away…




What if I told you you’re only 21 days away:

  • 21 days away from feeling calmer, peaceful and happier

  • 21 days away from feeling well-being and having complete clarity on a healthier lifestyle

  • 21 days away from less stress, less anxiety, more concentration and self awareness

How can I promise that?

It’ll be easier than you ever thought possible when you join my ’21 day Meditation Challenge’.

And I’ve got dozens of stories that prove it works.


Like this one from Sally..

“Heather’s meditation has given me the most precious present, it has helped me to find peace.

Before life was dull, I didn’t really know what I wanted. 

I now know to be still – I found inner peace and it’s so powerful and completely changed my life!”


This is just one of the many examples what’s possible for you when you discover your inner peace.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get the clarity, peace and confidence Sally is enjoying for your own life?


And to do it all in just 21 days?

If so, I strongly recommend you join us as I take you through the process of just being.

Learn more and register for my 21 day meditation challenge.


I look forward to helping you!

Big Love


P.S. The challenge starts from tomorrow, Friday 1st September – just for the month of September only – so register now REGISTER 

Meditation Give It A Try

Next week, it’s the first week of school for my 5 year old grand daughter and soon it will be all about homework, pumpkins and a race towards Christmas as we move toward the close of 2017.

While I know you may be long past your school days, I’m inviting you to focus on your “learning” too and join me for a quick yet mighty 21-day challenge.  We’ll get connected to our inner ‘wisdom’.

Here’s how it will be….

  1.  This Challenge will provide you with a daily email for 21 days with quick simple steps on how to master meditation/mindfulness.
  2.  I’ll be dishing out bite-size pieces of training, think 2 – 15 minute audios, designed with busy Autumn schedules in mind, that support you in reducing stress and creating peace of mind.
  3.  I’m breaking it all down and we’ll really connect to your inner peace and wisdom, through correct posture, breath and intention to help you FEEL calm, peaceful and happier.
  4. There will be further coaching from me on my Facebook Page @therootmaster1 and I’m happy to answer any questions.


  • Meditation reduces stress.
  • It improves concentration.
  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • The practice increases self-awareness.
  • It increases happiness.
  • Meditation increases acceptance.
  • It slows aging.
  • The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health.
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Lowers heart rate
  • Less perspiration
  • Slower respiratory rate
  • Less anxiety
  • Lowers blood cortisol levels
  • More feelings of well-being
  • Deeper relaxation

Why not tell a friend too, to support one another with meditation in September!

Ready to join?

Just click JOIN  to request access

Can’t wait to get this back to school and meditation party started!  Let’s kick the end of the year into high gear.

Big Love


P.S  The party officially starts on September 1st.

Choose to experience LIFE through the eyes of LOVE

I’ve been buzzing about all over the place this week, after the August eclipse.

Did you listen to the Health & Well Being Show at Phoenix Radio, Harlow on Monday evening?

It was on Facebook Live too.

Anna, the co-host had a stroke at age 24 and had lost use of her right arm.  I offered her a tiny taster of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping, one of the tools I use with clients and watch what happened….

The link is on my page @therootmaster1 on Facebook or click on this link…  live video.


On the same evening of the radio show, we had the August Eclipse which was all about reflecting on the themes of what was coming up for you in February 2017 and finally, gracefully and with a full heart letting go, surrendering and taking that step into fully opening your heart, just like a rose bud opening into full bloom.

Earlier on this month it was time to explore our relationships such as friends, family, lovers, community and our societal systems (such as our relationship to/with Governments, Business leaders etc). And of course the most important the relationship you have with yourself! It was a time to take steps into a deeper place within our Hearts and through kindness, compassion and reverence for one another come together in heart-space to be the change.


And now, after the Solar Eclipse on August 21st it is time to experience the world through eyes of LOVE.   when

I totally get that at many of you may feel a deep sadness and cynically ‘see’ the chaos, separation and fear within the world, as beyond the point of no return.  Many people are feeling this pain and being consumed by its darkness and deafening vibe.  But your HEART knows that what you see with your eyes is not representative of the TRUTH of who you are, of who we all are… and the greater potential that awaits an awakened Humanity.

We are being called to see the world through our Hearts, the eyes of LOVE. Be vulnerable, open our Hearts to a world more beautiful and BE courageous enough to be a revolutionary pioneer by CHOOSING to ‘see’ a greater potential for humanity through LOVE.

I know at times this may feel too challenging! When does this painful behaviour, this senseless violence, all this suffering in the world ever end?

It ends with YOU, it ends with US… it ENDS when we change the way we ‘see’ the world and choose to experience LIFE through the eyes of LOVE. Can you relate?


0001-30862830I’m really excited that the new Meditation 10-week course starts Monday 4 September 2017 at 8pm – 9.45pm in The Energy Studio, Loughton.

5 minutes from Loughton Tube Station

You will gain:

  • Understanding your own mind
  • Learn how to transform your mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy.
  • You can enjoy peace throughout the day, not just while seated in meditation.

To register please CLICK HERE 


                                                                   For those not local to me, please look out for the 21-Day Meditation Challenge starting in September, where I break down the simple steps of meditation that you can practise and master.  21-day-meditation-challenge-2




Happy Bank Holiday

Big Love

























Ready to bee “Queen Bee”?

Are you SO BUSY that you’ve lost your way?

It’s time now for new adventures.  Can you relate at all?

It’s time to change environment.  I had to get out of my comfort zone.  I had to ENGAGE with the real world more and step away from the computer, so I’ve been to Rhodes resting, relaxing and reflecting on my clients needs. lindos

Many of my clients, women entrepreneurs, have emotional wounds from primary relationships, such as those with mothers and fathers, going back down the ancestral lines. They can run very deep and stand in the way of experiencing  joy and happiness.

Have you often felt:




….due to what happened to you growing up?

Are you feeling confused as to why your relationships don’t work and no matter how hard you try, unhealthy patterns repeat themselves at work and in your relationships?

A mistrust of men?

Like a piece of yourself is missing or your childhood was sad, lonely or miserable.

Negative emotions cause far more harm than we realise.  In addition to making us miserable, they can cause undesirable effects in our daily lives, problems in our relationships and even physical illness.  Discontent can be very harmful to you.  To wish to improve your life is a good thing; to harbour resentment and frustration because things are not as you would like them to be is not.

However, negative emotions can be turned into positive effects, if we approach them with the right mental attitude.

If you are not happy with your life, work out ways in which you could improve it.  Instead of suffering resentment, take positive action.  Allow the things to make you angry and frustrated to become reasons for making a change.

So my question for you is…

What kind of results do YOU want to create?

Do you want to create results out of lack, scarcity and longing?

Or would you like to create results that leave you feeling empowered, inspired and accomplished?

Are you happy with what you see?

Or is your life draining your happiness and holding you back from you?

I am opening 2 spaces for women entrepreneurs to work with me ON your life instead of IN your life this August, so you can be “Queen Bee” in your life!

A chance to get real clarity on what needs to happen to take your life to the next level.

Getting really clear on your desired goals

What you need to let go….





anxiety etc.

So you can hit September knowing your goals.

August is the perfect time to do this so lets chat

Book your FREE 121 discovery call with me




I look forward to chatting to you!

Big Love

Heather  x


P. S. radio

I WILL BE LIVE ON PHOENIX RADIO (Harlow) on Monday 21st August

Health & Well Being

7.30pm – 9pm


You can find the live stream via the following link:




A little girl went to her bedroom and pulled a glass jelly jar from its hiding place in the closet. jar

She poured the change out on the floor and counted it carefully.

Three times, even. The total had to be exactly perfect. No chance here for mistakes.

Carefully placing the coins back in the jar and twisting on the cap,
she slipped out the back door and made her way 6 blocks to Rexall’s
Drug Store with the big red Indian Chief sign above the door.

She waited patiently for the pharmacist to give her some attention,
but he was too busy at this moment. Tess twisted her feet to make a
scuffing noise. Nothing. She cleared her throat with the most disgusting sound she could muster.

No good. Finally she took a quarter from her jar and banged it on the glass counter. That did it!

“And what do you want?’ the pharmacist asked in an annoyed tone of voice.

“I’m talking to my brother from Chicago whom I haven’t seen in ages,”
he said without waiting for a reply to his question.

”Well, I want to talk to you about my brother,” Tess answered back in the same annoyed tone.

“He’s really, really sick…and I want to buy a miracle.”girl

“I beg your pardon?” said the pharmacist.

“His name is Andrew and he has something bad growing inside his head
and my Daddy says only a miracle can save him now. So how much does a miracle cost?”

“We don’t sell miracles here, little girl. I’m sorry but I can’t help
you,” the pharmacist said, softening a little.

“Listen, I have the money to pay for it. If it isn’t enough, I will get the rest.

Just tell me how much it costs.”  The pharmacist’s brother was a well dressed man.

He stooped down and asked the little girl,

“What kind of a miracle does your brother need?”

“I don’t know,” Tess replied with her eyes welling up.

“I just know he’s really sick and Mommy says he needs an operation.

But my Daddy can’t  pay for it, so I want to use my money.”

“How much do you have?” asked the man from Chicago .

“One dollar and eleven cents,” Tess answered barely audibly.
“And it’s all the money I have, but I can get some more if I need to.”

“Well, what a coincidence,” smiled the man. “A dollar and eleven
cents—the exact price of a miracle for little brothers.”

He took her money in one hand and with the other hand he grasped her
mitten  and said “Take me to where you live. I want to see your brother and
meet your parents. Let’s see if I have the miracle you need.”

That well dressed man was Dr. Carlton Armstrong, a surgeon,
specializing in neuro-surgery. The operation was completed free of charge and it
wasn’t long until Andrew was home again and doing well.
Mom and Dad were happily talking about the chain of events that had
led them to this place.

‘That surgery,” her Mom whispered. “was a real miracle. I wonder how
much it would have cost?”

Tess smiled. She knew exactly how much a miracle cost…one dollar and
eleven cents….plus the faith of a little child.

In our lives, we never know how many miracles we will need.
A miracle is not the suspension of natural law, but the operation of a
higher law.

You gotta have FAITH!

Sending you some Faith Sprinkles………………


FULL MOON Partial Lunar Eclipse August 7th 2017

Are you feeling the swirling energies of this eclipse?

It’s time to trust that the energies you are feeling will open your heart and help you to let go of the “blocks” that have been keeping you stuck.



It is time for you to ask the deeper questions.  Ancestral Healing can uncover the root hurt/idea/perception/ unmet need that has kept you back from reaching your full potential.  

Today’s lunar eclipse is a time of mystery and magic, revealing the hidden face of who we are and what we do. The moon relates to childhood, when we’re at our most vulnerable; dependent on nurturing protection and wise encouragement. Do you have attitudes, habits and perceptions that are no longer working for you? 

Listen to your inner intuition as memories, thoughts and feelings will make themselves known to you.  

It is time for you to focus on your emotions and honour them, not push them down in the hope they will go away. 

Reflect on the themes of what was coming up for you in February 2017 and finally, gracefully and with FULL HEART let go, surrender and take that step into the soft yet powerful expanse of your HEART.

Reflect too on all your RELATIONSHIPS such as friends, family, lovers, community and of course the most important relationship, your relationship with SELF.   Be mindful of your feelings/thoughts/emotions behind the energy given/received within your relationships.

Does this energy exchange seek to empower through LOVE & KINDNESS or does is foster pain, hurt & separation through fear?

Right now, it is all about

  • releasing

  • moving on

  • stepping more fully into our power (after the solar eclipse on Aug 21).

Have you been a spectator in your life?

Have you withheld your gifts out of fear that others would judge, persecute, or seek to devalue them?

It is time to be gentle with yourself and with others.  

  • Contact a friend

  • Smile

  • Chat to a stranger

You will feel more hope than in recent months and be faced with choices.

Ready for an Ancestral Healing to clear your blocks?


Allow yourself to shine brightly!

Big Love



  • Clothes washed for the first time in the full Moon will not last long.

  • If you glimpse the new Moon over your right shoulder, you will have good luck.

  • To have a project prosper, start it during the new Moon.

  • Babies born a day after the full Moon enjoy success and endurance.

Energies of August

Ok, sit tight put on your seatbelt and expect a huge energy wave forward, so it will feel rather bumpy this month.

You may feel a little out of control, but know that everything is as it should be and you still have full control with regard to yourself and how you behave, just not the weather or how other people behave!

It’s time to step up and explore all options in your life.

You may feel that people around you are frustrated and are taking their feelings out on you.  Remember to rise above it and not to take it personally.

Lighten up. smileSmile when things are tough. If you are going through a divorce, just lost your job, worried about your child or have a ‘cranky’ colleague – whatever is consuming you in this moment, learn to let it go, and just smile.  Know that your future-self is rooting for you and sees you getting through this tough time with grace and ease. Remember that learning to laugh at difficult situations will help you feel more peaceful. Things don’t need to be serious all the time, so the person who cut you up on the motorway, the delay in legal matters, the waiter who messed up your order, your son who never phones, your boss who just passed you up for the promotion – whatever is plaguing you, just let it be. Smile and trust that everything is in the right order. Play with the world and appreciate all of its wonder.

Don’t make assumptions about their behaviour or expect anything. The problem with making assumptions is that we believe they are the truth! We invent a whole story that’s only truth for us, but we believe it. One assumption leads to another assumption; we jump to conclusions, and we take our story very personally. Then we blame others and react by sending emotional poison with our word. Making assumptions and taking them personally creates a lot of emotional poison, and this creates a whole big drama for nothing. We make assumptions, we believe we are right about our assumptions, and then we defend our assumptions and try to make someone else wrong. We even assume we are right about something to the point that we will destroy relationships in order to defend our position!  If you catch yourself in the habit of making assumptions, let go of this need to control, and stop filling in the blanks. Notice and respect how valuable and unique each personal view really is. What someone else thinks is true, might surprise and enlighten you!

This month may also bring a big lesson in acceptance.  It’s one of our toughest lessons. Choose to accept things as they are.  There may be hope down the road; maybe someday things might work out. But right now, in this moment, that may not be possible.  Choose to accept that fully. Practice compassion to yourself alongside acceptance. Practice acceptance of the challenges you’re having practicing acceptance! It’s natural to go back and forth between feelings of acceptance and feelings of resistance. Make space for the spectrum of experience, and notice your internal critic quieten.

Yes, acceptance is a choice—a hard one most definitely, but a choice nonetheless.

surrenderAugust also brings the energy for you to “surrender”, which is an act of allowing and receiving.  Surrendering is never giving up or being lazy. Surrendering is when after putting all the passion and interest that you have in what you want (some may call it work or dedication), you relax and allow it to come to you with faith that either it will manifest or your intuition will guide you with the next step in the right direction.

Life is always in motion and intuition always acts as a lighthouse throughout our journey.

Are you living a life of your choosing or are you living a life that is ruled by fear?

You deserve the absolute best, we all do. Yet we often forget this and put ourselves last. At the end of the day, we have a choice as to how we are going to live. We choose to stay in pain because it is so much more comfortable than stepping out into the unknown. Surrender occurs when we let everything else go, all the excuses, fears, and unfulfilled expectations and choose to live as we inherently believe we deserve to.

Have a wonderful month


P.S. If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider my Core Transformation program, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential and possibilites and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for.  Click here to book a FREE Clarity Call so we can explore the possibilities for transformation.


Fear of losing control

Have you or someone you know ever felt like

  • you might lose control of your mind, thoughts, and/or actions?

  • that you are on the verge of going crazy?

  • that you’re about to “lose it”?

  • you are about to become uncontrollably hysterical?

Yesterday on Facebook Live I spoke about panic attacks where some people who I have worked with, have felt uncontrollably frightened, felt like running away, passing out, vomiting in public, gagging uncontrollably, stumbling around, “freaking out,” and so on.

I experienced panic attacks myself at the age of 21 just before a major event in my life.

This feeling can occur seemingly for no apparent reason but there is always a root cause and tools that can help get rid of the fear of losing control, which is why I created the Anxiety Toolbox program.toolbox

Just imagine what it would feel like not to experience panic attacks and anxiety.

What would change in your life?

How would that affect you and your loved ones?

What would your life look like?

Watch the VIDEO 

Completing the ‘Anxiety Toolbox’ online program will allow you to

  • To “be” without “doing”
  • Accepting yourself and accepting the flaws of others without trying to change those flaws.
  • Getting less stuck on details and enjoying the bigger picture.
  • Any bumps in the road or mistakes will take on their own beauty because they become a part of a larger plan/purpose.
  • No longer feeling that you are not “perfect”.
  • Experiences and emotions will feel like your own and not some third-person narrative.
  • Your relationships will be better too.
  • You will be able to listen more and show more compassion (because we all make mistakes)
  • You will stop trying to control how people see you.
  • People around you will have the freedom to be themselves- flaws and all.
  • Recognising that other people have their own insecurities and anxieties, but knowing that you are one less person contributing to negativity in the world.



Please share with anyone you know who wishes to release anxiety.

Big Love