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Fun ways to boost your life

For the past few months I’ve been working with a lovely client and to protect her identity, I’ll call her Rachel.  She came to see me because she felt that life was plain drudgery.

She wasn’t having fun and was blocked to feeling joy. She was feeling guilty and horrible for being the kind of person who could wish that her sweet, brilliant boys would just go away and be quiet for a few minutes, because she just needed a break!  She hated herself because she used to be a highly competent professional with a daily deadline and now she was the kind of person who struggled to cope.

I explained to her that as little kids we’re fun professionals! We know intuitively how to have fun. But as we get older, we get hung up on the idea that joy comes from achievement.

She was focused on achieving being “supermum”and wanted everything to be perfect.

The ironic thing is that she had it totally backwards!

By having fun and leaning toward joy, she could achieve what she wanted much faster and more easily!

Her story is one of the reasons I felt inspired to reach more people and with Lisa, we have created the HUNCH CLUB.

When Rachel came to see me.  She was feeling unwell and her 5-year-old had been having epic meltdowns just before bedtime. His behaviour sent her 4-year-old running away in terror, which then set the 7-year-old on edge, for fear that his slightly OCD nighttime routine was going to be disrupted. “Good times?”, Rachel said to me, in tears. ” Especially when their Dad is working late“.

She was loving being a mum but it certainly wasn’t feeling fun.  More like drudgery!  She had a mound of dirty laundry. She felt that planning, procuring, preparing, serving and cleaning up their meals seems to require about 27 hours a day.

As we worked together over a period of time, Rachel began to feel the joy in life again.  She discovered that there was something very special about holding a her children in her arms, whether they were tired, irritable scared or upset and knowing that she was their source of protection and comfort and love and shelter in the world. We addressed the guilt and anxiety and fear that was holding her back from having more fun.  We addressed her worries for herself, her children’s futures and the state of the world.

But, she came to realise that as parents, she had been given an incredible gift: The chance to once again experience the world by living in the moment.

Now having cleared the blocks in her life and reconnecting to her imagination, as well as meditating daily, she is using her in built intuition.  She honestly can’t imagine mothering her kids and not having fun while doing it. Her creativity now has no bounds and everything’s changed, including the relationship with her husband.

I will be on FACEBOOK LIVE on Thursday 17th May at 10.30am with my lovely colleague, Lisa Michaels, to share with you the fun stuff we’re doing in our “Superpower Workshop” on Saturday 9th June and what’s on the inside of the HUNCH CLUB Membership. It’s on our brand new Facebook Page  CLICK HERE TO LIKE & FOLLOW

Join us and check out how to have FUN along the way to achieving your goals!


Choices, Chances, Changes

Every day we face choices and then we have to live with them.  You may be living with what is called a “karmic hangover” and not even know it.

For example, you may have chosen a career for yourself that doesn’t express your Soul-level gifts and talents. And even though you’re not terribly successful (after all, abundance can only come through congruence to our Divine nature) and you hate your job … you’ve worked very hard. You’ve invested years and years of experience in a specific industry that makes it hard to consider transitioning to a whole new career.

Or you may have chosen to move to a different country because your other half comes from there, but it may have turned out to be a very toxic relationship. The relationship eventually ends but … you end up living there, because of your job and it’s easier to stay than pack up and start all over again.  So you end up living in a place that is essentially just a consequence of a relationship that didn’t work out.

Is the voice inside your head telling you that this is just “what you have to do” to get what you want, and that “it will all be worth it” in the end?

Of course, if the life direction you’ve chosen for yourself is incompatible to your Soul’s nature to begin with, then a great many of the associated choices will be equally incompatible.

The result? You end up living with the consequences of these choices for years, sometimes even for decades. You learn to tolerate. You don’t want to “throw away” the time and effort you’ve invested in a career, a place, a relationship … even if these are and always have been out of alignment to your Divine self-expression.

Of course, we severely limit both our abundance levels and our opportunity for spiritual expansion by choosing, day after day, to  …

  • stay in that job
  • stay in that business idea
  • stay in that degree program
  • stay in that social circle
  • stay in situations that were never an expression of your Soul’s Divine nature to begin with.

It’s a good idea to occasionally take stock.

  • How, exactly, did you end up where you are?
  • How did you choose your home, your career, your relationships, your friends?
  • Were these conscious choices that you truly wanted to make?
  • Or were they choices that you believed inevitable as part of a bigger life direction you chose, a life direction that, overall, perhaps hasn’t created much abundance?

Hitting the karmic “undo” button is actually incredibly easy. All we have to do is make new choices, and we find ourselves in a new karmic pattern, and new circumstances! And if our new choices are more compatible to our Soul’s nature, our circumstances will be more abundant than before.

Of course, hitting the karmic “undo” button takes a bit of effort! We have to actually DO something different from what we’re used to. But it’s not actually “hard.” What FEELS hard is the willingness to let go of what we have, so that we can make room for something more abundant and reflective of our Divine nature. There are parts of our ego that dislike risk, and interpret all change as dangerous.

That’s why it is so helpful to understand which choices will create what consequences … because, of course, a choice that is “negative” for one person is highly positive for another!

This is why we have created the HUNCH CLUB, for you to connect with your intuition which is your built in superpower, so that you know that you’re making the best choices.

The more aware you are, the more powerful your inner compass is.

A great question to ask is: “Given everything I know about myself now … would I make the same choice again, today?”

If the answer is a resounding “no,” then it’s time to course-correct … even if it’s inconvenient. Otherwise you are always going to block yourself from standing in the fullness of your full potential.

So you have a choice now that can change your life. 

Tickets are now available for our Superpower Workshop on Saturday 9th June, where we will share how to connect to your intuition. For the first 20 tickets, put in the code EARLYBIRD and save £40 off of your ticket! 



If you’re unable to come, you have a choice to join the MEMBERSHIP for THE HUNCH CLUB which opens its doors on Monday 4th June!

You will be shown how to connect and align to your inner Superpower, your sacred gift, your intuition.  We offer a simple and effective actionable way to change thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behavioural patterns and mindset, so you can feel greater clarity, happier, more empowered, confident, in flow and create a life you love.



Some of you may not know this about me (most of you probably do), but when my youngest child was only five years old, I discovered he was different from my older two kids, but my gut instinct knew that he didn’t need to see a child psychiatrist, as some had suggested. In fact I discovered he was an Indigo Child, who had come to make a difference. So began my journey of deeper understanding about energy, past lives, negative programming and beliefs that cause problems. This led me to write my first book “i am indigo” and my mastering of how to clear the Akashic Records (Soul Records).

Then around seven years ago, I had to deal with the end of my 34 year old relationship and my kids left home around the same time. I had to stand on my own two feet, move house and create a living out of my expertise so I could move forward. I followed my hunch again and began building my business by networking, meeting incredible people on my journey.

Now I have to be honest that over the years I’ve made many mistakes in business. I don’t beat myself up about them, in fact I’m grateful to have made them because they’ve generally made me a better person, in business, in life, in everything. But I do believe that as a business owner, we develop our own sixth sense, which is hugely valuable for helping us to make better decisions about everything we do in business.

I want you to figure out what I figured out: connecting to your Superpower, your intuition shifts everything and gets you more opportunities in life.

Call it intuition, call it gut instinct, it doesn’t really matter. We’ve all experienced it in our life. In business it manifests with people, deals, projects, opportunities, customers – so many ways. We get a feel for what is going on with no real information, just a sense of what is going on and what we need to do about it. But for many people, the ability to hear and feel their intuition is a lost skill.

The problem is we’ve become too busy to hear what our intuition is trying to say. We intellectualise because we are so bombarded with information that we simply can’t hear our intuition in midst of the clutter. But we can relearn the skill of hearing it and a great deal can change in our lives when we do.

We all hit moments of doubt, uncertainty and may have little self-belief in ourselves sometimes which can stop us from living the life we really want to live.

Our self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves.

It’s that critical voice in our heads that makes us second-guess everything; what I’ve said, what I’ve done, how capable I am.

This is our disconnection to our Superpower but I am on a mission to ignite and help you to reconnect to your greatness, uplift your confidence improve your self esteem with empowering actions you can take, getting the support and guidance.. that you need, together with my lovely colleague Lisa Michaels, Law Of Attraction Expert.  We have teamed up to create an online membership community called the HUNCH CLUB.

So let me ask you….

• Are you ready to improve your personal and professional life in all areas?

• Are you ready for a positive mindset and balancing your emotional patterns which affect your everyday life.

• Are you ready to become aware of how to use your inner Superpower?

• Are you ready to live in alignment with the Law Of Attraction and your High Self?

• Are you ready to understand how to get into alignment with your passion and purpose and transform your life to Abundance and Peace?

• Are you seeking a more private space to make real and meaningful connections online?


Remember to add the Promo Code EARLYBIRD for the first 20 tickets! 

I have discovered that sometimes the best approach to making decisions in life is to let go and let your intuition guide you. The more you “try” to control a situation or get an answer the more blocked, confused and frustrated you become.

When you let go and allow yourself to be led by your gut often things just work out for the best.
Life’s problems solves themselves if you let them.

Lisa Michaels, Intuitive Life Coach

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to change your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, patterns and mindset.

This will result in feeling happier, more in flow and create a life you love you’ll love the Hunch Club.

The HUNCH CLUB is a Self Empowerment Community and Spiritual Mentoring Program, to connect with your intuition which is your built-in superpower. The more sensitive and aware you are, the more powerful your inner GPS is. Albert Einstein called the intuitive mind is a sacred gift. He said the rational mind is a faithful servant. Our society today honours the servant and has forgotten this sacred gift, purely because we have not been taught or shown how to access it.



So we wish for you to….

Discover your greatness as you deepen your intuition

Become the most authentic version of yourself

Create thriving relationships that mirror your value

Increases confidence, leading to better decision making

Improves mental, emotional and physical health

Take the guesswork out of daily flow habit creation

Become more spiritually connected and attuned to your own inner compass

Expand your prosperity while expressing your creativity

Sharpness and clarity in thinking, for e.g: get the right thought at the right time

What you’ll discover in the Workshop has already helped all our clients manifest their deepest desires and greatest visions in key life areas, including life-purpose, confidence, prosperity, career, creativity, health, and success and we would love for you to be next!

If we can do it, we know you can, too. We’ve seen what gets results—and we’d love to share it with you.

When you live your life in this state of flow ANYTHING is possible and you can create or manifest anything you want.

So we have designed a 1 day Workshop to launch the HUNCH CLUB.

It’s for you if….

You are ready to improve your personal and professional life in all areas.

You are ready for a positive mindset and balancing your emotional patterns which affect your everyday life.

You are ready to live in alignment with the Law Of Attraction and your High Self.

You are ready to understand how to get into alignment with your passion and purpose and transform your life to Abundance and Peace.

It’s normally priced at £87 but we have super-limited purchase opportunity for the first 20 people.

The EARLYBIRD PRICE is only £47. So take action today!


Remember to add the Promo Code EARLYBIRD for the first 20 tickets! 

You’ll walk away with actionable things you can do right now to connect to your Superpower!
You don’t want to be left behind, right?

You don’t want to miss out on a chance to experience something incredible that could change your life, do you? Because that’s what this Workshop will do.
Before this Workshop, you may feel confused, blocked, lack confidence, powerless, but after it, you will be armed with a wealth of knowledge and the potential to follow your hunch!

Make it happen! Click this link. Pay £47 for the first 20 EARLYBIRD tickets. Just put EARLYBIRD into the Promo Code box.

Book your seat in the Workshop!

Remember to add the Promo Code EARLYBIRD for the first 20 tickets! 

What does ‘Spiritual Suicide’ mean?

I’ve been working with clients recently and researching their main “Master Program” running on their inner hard-drive, their sub-conscious. And it was a surprise to see that so many had the Master Program of ‘Spiritual Suicide’, that needed to be cleared in their Akashic Records.  


So what exactly is Spiritual Suicide and how do you know if you’re committing it? 

It’s the ‘killing’ of that part of oneself that is associated with the feelings and the mind, as well as the killing of real meaning or significance in your life.

Simply put, it means that you’re not in touch with your feelings and have cut off the part of your mind that was connected to your life dreams, resulting in no real meaning to your life.

If you’re not doing work that is meaningful to you or being the person you were truly meant to be, then you are committing spiritual suicide.


You may be wondering what are the signs to look for.

So here are some questions:-

  • Do you hate getting out of bed every day?
  • When you’re at work, do you keep looking at the time, wishing the workday would hurry up and be over, so you can go home?
  • Do you live for the weekend and your holiday allowance?
  • Do you do any of the following self-destructive behaviours in order to escape or numb yourself?
  • Watching TV to excess
  • Overeating
  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • Sexual addiction
  • Excessive spending
  • Feeling suicidal

Only you can answer why you are committing spiritual suicide.

Maybe it’s because you’re working somewhere that is unfulfilling and it’s prevented you following your passion…

What can you do to stop?

Firstly, admit that you are not happy.

Start planning a strategy to help you become the person you were meant to be and join the HUNCH CLUB which will open its doors very soon, so we can show you simple, actionable steps to connect to your Superpower, your intuition and create the life you wish.

Meanwhile, join our facebook page   

And if you can join us in London at our all day workshop, save Saturday 9th June in your diary now.



Are you ready?

Have you felt that the last few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster?

Let’s just say there has been some serious energy that all of us have been FEEEELIN’, right??

But we’re all coming out on the other side *yay* !

You’re probably feeling a little tender (me too!)…and maybe in one of these places:

  • You’re really ready for structured support, you know you don’t have to do all the deep work alone (in fact, you see that you can’t which is powerfully humbling).

  • You’re trying to get help from as many people/in as many areas as possible…reading and listening to every free training/offering/podcast/webinar as you can (which might actually feel a little overwhelming).

  • You’re feeling the pull toward guidance but not quite sure how to make the decision (maybe it feels like a money issue, or a time issue, or a what-if-I-make-the-wrong-choice issue, or a not-quite-sure-what-my-inner-voice-is-telling-me-to-do issue).

          Firstly, I want you to know that…..

          I am  here to support you in breaking through your oldest patterns and designing your life around your richest vision.


         You’re in what I call “ask, listen, ask, listen” mode.             

        You’re asking, listening, getting answers and not quite able to TRUST the answers you’re receiving, because they feel too hard, too                overwhelming, too big, too scary!

       So, you go back to asking.  You’re wearing down your SELF-TRUST, so everything gets even more and more confusing!

  It’s time to:

    • get still and quiet (phone down, less caffeine, cancel some extra stuff in your calendar, I’m dead serious),
    • pull your energy back into your body (close your eyes, visualize yourself like a magnet pulling all the little iron filings of your soul scattered out in the universe back to you),
    • ask yourself if you are ready to cultivate the CLARITY and SUPPORT you so want and if you are ready to make room to slow down your mind and body enough to receive them. 
 Your spinning and grasping could be a habit. One that’s keeping you from actually moving forward. Just saying.
Focus creates expansion.


Maybe you’ve tried to make big changes in your life, and they just didn’t stick. Instead, you found yourself back in the same old patterns, feeling a little deflated, demoralised, confused…a little (or a lot) self-judgey.Sometimes the hardest thing about change is that no one tells you how to do it.

Unless self-actualization was a hot topic in your household growing up (uhhhh), you likely didn’t have loads of “models” for empowered, heart-centred change.

Wherever you’re at on your journey you can absolutely learn how to:

  • Become aware of your thought/emotional/behavioural patterns
  • Heal core limiting beliefs (they keep those yuck patterns in place)

  • Identify your boldest vision (the other side, baby)

  • Manifest your vision/design your life around it

Name it. Change it. These are teachable skills. You can learn them. You can make the change you’re so ready for the HUNCH CLUB.  

THE HUNCH CLUB is here to teach you how to create change in your life for the long haul. Join us on our FREE Facebook page 

The Hunch Club is a Self Empowerment Community and Spiritual Mentoring Program, to connect with our intuition which is our built-in superpower. The more sensitive and aware we are, the more powerful our inner GPS is. Albert Einstein called the intuitive mind is a sacred gift. He said the rational mind is a faithful servant. Our society today honours the servant and has forgotten this sacred gift, purely because we have not been taught or shown how to access it.


It’s not your quick fix. It’s all about becoming the truth of who you really are fix. 

I have teamed up with Lisa Michaels, Law Of Attraction Expert  and our website is being designed right now!  We’re so excited! 

Join our FREE Facebook page so you don’t miss when we open the doors to our online Membership of THE HUNCH CLUB and to our live all day Workshop in London, on Saturday 9th  June, so save the date! 


      Are you feeling ready to let go of feeling confused, having regrets, feeling blocked, giving away your power and always doubting?

      Good!  Then The Hunch Club is right for you! 

And as we’re coming to end of this Mercury Retrograde, here’s some tips….. 

  • Nothing will fall apart if you slow down.

  • Your self-worth isn’t determined by what you DO.

  • You don’t need anyone to validate your worthiness, you are enough.

  • Just quiet down, get still, listen to your inner truth and lean towards it.

Balance is the key of life

It’s April where you may be feeling challenged, out of balance and impatient in your life.

When I say “out of balance” I mean feeling exhausted, unwell and possibly anxious.   Your adrenals may be compromised and cause lack of energy for the action you need to do.

The solution to this is mindfulness.

You may be wondering what exactly is “mindfulness”?

It’s paying special attention to what you say, how you act, and what you think. Plus slowing down and taking some very important down time.  What do you love to do for fun?

Spending time with a friend who makes you laugh?

Going to the theatre?

Taking a bike ride in the countryside?

Working out in the gym?

Watching a film?

Make sure this is scheduled into your weekly planner!

Are you feeling the masculine energies of action, aggression, clarity, intention, protection, will, decisiveness, independence and generosity?

When our masculine energies are more dominant, you may feel tired, stressed, overworked or unloved as a result. When you feel overworked, moving about life on autopilot, too much in your head and not enough in your body, and/or you’re experiencing a lack of intimacy in your life, it’s likely a re-balance of the feminine energy is necessary.

Regardless of gender, each of us contains masculine and feminine energy.

Logic, planning, and structure fall under the masculine. The masculine is a necessary trait, for it supports the growth of a balanced ego, financial stability, family, shelter, and organisation.  Too much can manifest as tight muscles, digestive trouble, holding grudges, and unreasonable anger.

The feminine part of ourselves is perhaps more subtle in a society that is highly ego driven. It is governed by intuition, receptivity, dreams, and emotion. This is a necessary counterbalance to the masculine. An imbalance of feminine energy may feel like being out of control, ungrounded, irritable, and lonely.


And remember to join the Facebook Group HUNCH CLUB to connect to your feminine intuition 


Be Kind To Yourself

With the blue moon this Easter weekend it’s time to be kind to yourself.

  • Do you feel that you’re carrying too much baggage? Sometimes this looks like extra weight.

  • Are you stuck in a rut? Maybe you hate your job but can’t seem to change.

  • Feeling spaced out and tired? Too many people in your space, holding you back.

  • Overcome with emotions? Trauma from this life or past lives can affect you.

  • Depressed? Angry? or Frustrated? Let’s find the core to start healing that.

I am able to help you clear blocks and constrictions that stand in your way.


How you may be wondering?

By clearing your Akashic Records.  

What are they?  you may be saying…..

So let me explain.  The Akashic Records are the record of your soul’s journey, from the time you first arise from Source until you eventually return home. But no matter how new or ancient of a Soul you are, the Akashic energy holds all your thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds from each lifetime. Many people imagine the Akashic Record as a library with each book representing a lifetime.

Some people look at the Records as a computer with all your info stored in the hard drive. When you realise that you came into life with a plan, it becomes very useful to access information about that plan. We come to complete some Karma, fulfil our past life Vows or to be with someone special and to support people who are part of our soul family.

The human challenge is that as soon as we’re born we forget this plan. At times in our life we feel blocked or constricted or disappointed in our life because we don’t remember why we chose our families or situations. We may feel life is unfair or very difficult.

I access the Akashic Records to help you learn information about these situations and to heal and clear the emotional pain. You can ask questions in relation to: health, career, relationships, life purpose, self-esteem and abundance.

With my non-touch healing technique, I research past lives or childhood and release pain and fear and negative energy that reside in your Pain Body.

We will clear the Karma and the connected contracts and vows so you can move forward in your life with ease, grace and happiness. Ancestral Healing therapy rewrites the “software” of your mind; you change the “program” of your life. Plus Karmic Shadows from your ancestors are cleared for all future generations too!  Have you read my FREE eBOOK?

Realise personal and professional goals, discover your dreams, and navigate difficult transitions, with my 90 day Core Transformation Program.

This is done virtually for anyone living anywhere.


Cos you deserve it!

Now here’s a thing about compliments.

Do you give them or prefer to receive them?

We all need affection to satisfy the need to belong, we want praise so we can feel admired, and we want recognition to satisfy our need for personal worth.

Acceptance and praise are two of our deepest cravings. We can never get enough. 


When you have a belief that you need approval, you value the opinions, beliefs and needs of others above your own.

This leads to sacrificing your own dreams and ambitions in order to have others approval. 




Negative consequences are :-

  • lack of achievement

  • lack of personal fulfilment

  • low self-esteem and confidence levels

  • increased stress

So my questions to you are….

Do you change your opinion because someone else doesn’t approve?

Do you give insincere compliments so you can gain approval?

Do you feel upset, worried or insulted if someone doesn’t agree with you?

Do you say you agree when in fact you don’t?

Are you afraid to say “no”?

Do you stop yourself complaining about poor service?

Do you gossip to get attention?

How often have you seen attention seeking behaviour online nowadays, where someone shares a sad story so that the comments rush in with “you deserve better than that!”

This person is looking for compliments, validation and approval!


Overcoming these behaviours results in a more confident, positive life because you will live by your own values! It comes from self-approval and self-respect.

The first step is to strengthen your intuition, your Superpower, so that you feel strong enough to go with what FEELS right for you. This way, you will no longer feel the need to look to others to feel good enough about your choices and decisions.

  • Everyday write down 1 thing you feel proud about yourself.  It could be a choice you’ve made, or something you’ve discovered or something else – go with what FEELS right for you.
  • Become aware of your language, self-talk, and behaviour, and identifying when it is coming from wanting someone else to say “you’re ok”, or “you made the right choice”, or  “you did the right thing”.
  • Instead, when you do make a decision, check in with yourself that it FEELS right, remind yourself that it is your choice, and give yourself validation for just being you.
  • Be honest with yourself when you take on a new task or commitment, whether you are doing it because it is “right” for you or because you want to get approval and avoid disapproval.
  • Know it’s ok to say “No”.  You don’t need to please anyone, other than yourself.

If you are someone who rejects positive feedback, you’re robbing yourself the opportunity to feel valued and appreciated, and deny the other person the joy of honouring you.

We need to see and be seen for the light we have to offer the world—so why not give that gift to ourselves and other people?

So today I propose a challenge for you:

Receive all compliments without questioning them, analysing them, or saying something like 

“oh this old thing”.

Simply accept it, and know that you deserve it.

Remember, the need for approval kills freedom and you may be wondering what exactly FREEDOM means…

Being free gives you the opportunity to exercise your rights, powers and desires.



How to remain in Neutral…

This month is all about getting in touch with your intuitive ideas.  During March you have a great opportunity to evolve within yourself, so it might not be a physical manifestation, but there certainly can be an internal one! You need to put a spotlight on present situations that are not working and be proactive about changing them, by thinking “outside the box”.

Where do you need to shine a spotlight?

It’s time to be more spontaneous and live in the moment.  It’s the perfect opportunity to make things happen for yourself by working on your initiative. This is excellent around business matters, or any key goals and ambitions you may have.

It’s a good month to hold a ‘don’t know’ attitude and give everything the benefit of the doubt. This does leave room for things to be different.


So you may be wondering what you could do to stimulate creativity…

  • Practice doing little things in a new way.
  • Drive a different route to your usual destination.
  • Put your clothing and accessories on in a different way!  Such as wear a skirt over your leggings, add a different colour top and layer on jewellery.  
  • Change your schedule around a bit from the same old routine. 
  • Bring some colour and sound into your environment, by adding some colourful accessories and playing upbeat music
  • Be creative around your meals and buy a new vegetable that you don’t usually buy and look up a recipe where you can use it. 

Also, during March, you may feel even more sensitive than usual.  So if  you find yourself judging anything, move yourself into a place of neutrality as quickly as possible. When you are in neutral you always have a choice. When not in neutral, you eliminate your choice and this can lead to feeling stuck.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Whether it’s in business, during a meeting, in your personal life, or even a passing comment from an acquaintance –have you ever had someone say something that you took really personally?

Of course you have…

It’s part of the human condition to perceive the world through our own lens, but unfortunately it’s not always helpful – or accurate.

You see everyone is operating in their own world. My lens is different from your lens. Your perspective is different from my perspective.

So what do you do when someone freaks out on you?

How can you go along in your day with grace, joy and happiness instead of having this incident completely ruin it?

Well, today I’m going to tell you one of the simplest, most powerful statements I use in my own life to help me stay calm and collected when big or small incidents happen in my life.

I’m human too, remember. I’m no superman. I have lots of things that bug me. Sh*t happens but here’s how I deal with it. If it helps you, then AMAZING. If not, that’s okay too, but it really does help me.

The statement is “Everything is neutral.”

Simple, right? Everything is neutral – until we assign meaning to it.

Here’s how the process works:

When an incident occurs, we look at it with our filters, our conditioning, our views, and we turn it from neutral into whatever we think it is.

So we turn a neutral situation into something completely new and different. We make an assessment, adjustment, or give it meaning, and so on.

And it becomes either a good thing or a bad thing. A positive thing, or a problem.

The fact is, there is no problem until you interpret it, give it meaning and judge it.

Only then does it become a problem – for some of us.

How do you know this is true? Because what is a problem for one person is not a problem for another person.

True or true?

What is good for one person is not necessarily good for another person.

Instead, we are the ones who give it meaning.

Is it good or bad? Well, it depends on who you ask. Is it right or wrong? Again, it depends on who you ask.

All of these things are not outside of us, they’re all inside of us. This is one of the hardest things to grasp; this is enlightenment.

When you can understand that there’s actually nothing going on outside of you except for you putting your filters and your views out there, and that then they become you…then you realize that nothing is simply the way it is until you give meaning to it.

Instead, everything is only how you look at it.


So someone says, “Look how pretty that outfit is,” and the other person says, “What? I think it’s AWFUL.”

Who’s right?

One person says “That natural stuff doesn’t work, it’s rubbish”

The other person says “I drink that natural stuff and it’s helped clear up my health problem”

Who’s right?

One person says “I believe in a higher energy power”

The other person says “I don’t believe in anything”

Who’s right?

One person says “The team played great tonight, didn’t they? They just had bad luck.” The other person says, “What? The team played terrible, they lost.”

Who’s right?

Someone says, “That is such a beautiful song.” The other person says, “What? It’s too slow, it’s boring.”

Who’s right?

Is it the song that’s the problem? No, there’s no problem in a song. The only one that’s a problem is the person who says it’s a problem.

Again, I am talking about problems beyond survival. I’m not going to get into the semantics of someone who has no food to eat and they’re starving or if someone is sick. I’m not going there.

I’m just going to say, everything beyond survival is not a problem until you get there.

So remember, everything is neutral—and only we can decide how we define the events and experiences that happen in our lives.

Once you realize this, nothing will be able to hurt or hinder you—because you get to decide how it affects your life.

What do you think?

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What does clearing mean?

The other day, someone asked me “So what does ‘clearing’ mean?”

Let me de-mystify what work I do by starting with that I feel there is much naiveté within our society to the true understanding of ‘the self‘ and the reality and existence of ‘the soul‘.

Many people have become stuck trying to be accepted into society’s ideals and viewpoints with no sense of real self, or real freedom.

There is endless competition., which feels exhausting! We have an image of ourselves that isn’t real, yet we fight with all we have to hold on to it.

The illusion created by ourselves, is needed to support the ego and we are afraid to see what really is.


This image is due to the programming that is within our entire being, and we are a creation of this programming.

We need to take command of our entire existence, move out of fearself-pity and drama and be prepared to change the perception we have of ourselves and move into self-empowerment.

Within us is the potential to let this image go and realise the truth. I believe it is my mission to help you reach your full potential!


If the soul doesn’t work towards spiritual growth it can get stuck in a state of ‘limbo’, floating in and out of life after life. Every experience in each of our incarnations adds-up, the good and the bad, and there comes a time to reap the good we have in our souls, and transform the imbalances.

The afflictions of our past existences have projected us into this life for soul clearing. We are now ready to break-free from the emotional strains we have endured so we can harvest the delights we have so long awaited.

Things will happen in life in an attempt to shift our attention to the realisation of who we are. The experiences the soul is seeking are just as important, if not more so, as the experiences the human self/mind is seeking.

Our soul aspect is in fact guiding the human self into the experiences it chose in the in-between life, but the human self/mind can get in the way and cause obstacles.

The way the soul sets up experiences is through programming, both positive and negative.


What is programming

As a result of our souls experiences when incarnated in physical lives, and the between lives when in the spiritual realms, the soul establishes beliefs that gain energetic power and become programs.

These programs then become belief systems about ourselves and others that will move us through everything we experience.

The energy, negative or positive, behind these beliefs, perceptions and judgements, about what has happened to us builds up and continues to create more and more programs that then affect how we approach everything in life.

The workings of the conscious mind, through our five senses, observes, makes decisions and programs the subconscious mind which will then record everything and store it very much like a computer.

Your soul requires a strong leader, it wants you, the conscious part of itself that exists in this realm, to be stable.

We, our souls, and our entire ‘being’, consist of many aspects, four of the main aspects are:

  • emotional
  • mental
  • physical
  • spiritual

Negative programming is held in all aspects of our ‘being’ including the four main aspects mentioned.

Negative programming can influence anything in life including,

  • the amount of happiness you will experience
  • what illnesses you endure
  • the quality of relationships
  • and especially they interfere with our success in life

Programs will affect how you do something, how you behave, and all decisions you make.

So “clearing” these programs is important.


How is programming triggered

Soul recognition is one of the main reasons programs are triggered.

  1. You reach the same age you were when the program was experienced in the past life.
  2. You meet someone that was involved in the past life.
  3. A geographic location or scenario reminds you of the past life event(s)
  4. You have the tools (you ask me to facilitate a clearing) to handle the program so it comes up to be cleared.
  5. It’s in your DNA from your ancestors

Also the decisions you make in relation to the above and the change in situation can also trigger programming, anything can come up to be worked on as there is probably a past connection somewhere.


What can we do about programming?

We need to clean up our act and have an Ancestral Healing! 

Once a program is cleared it can’t rebuild, but if we consciously hold on to the negative energy then we can build more programs.

We have to learn to release and let go of negative beliefs, perceptions and judgements, bless and forgive them.

We can then transform these old limiting beliefs to new empowering uplifting beliefs. Our beliefs, whether in the conscious mind or the subconscious mind, will repeat themselves over and over in our behaviour and personality creating the life we believe we deserve, and most of the time our programming doesn’t allow us to truly believe we deserve a better life.

The important point here, is that you may be creating the life your subconscious mind believes you deserve – NOT what your conscious mind thinks you deserve.

This is the cleaning up process, cleaning the beliefs/programs of the soul and subconscious because these are what are blocking the conscious mind from achieving exactly what is wants.


Working with me, we will clean up your act and working with your Higher Self clear the negative programming in your Akashic Records. Does this resonate with you?