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What’s your dream?

What you think creates what you feel…

And what you feel creates your behaviour…

And how you behave creates your life’s experiences…

And your life’s experiences creates your values…

and your beliefs.

So, those thoughts (much of which are occurring on the subconscious layer of your mind) have an enormous impact on your life.

Which is why I love getting to the root of what is keeping people back in their life and getting in their way, with Ancestral Healing.

When negative programming is cleared from your Akashic (Soul) Records, I show clients that in order to realise their dreams, they need to improve their lives.

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Dream Big!

I have returned from a dream trip to India, with goals, intentions, plans and determination to improve not only my life but my tribe too in 2018!

Visiting India had been a dream of mine for ages and I created a Vision Board years ago with pictures of India on it.

 When I was touring, everyone kept saying how lucky I was. 

 And I began to consider, did they believe I was lucky and they weren’t?

Did they understand that we create our own life experience by what we think and by taking the necessary action to achieve it?

 So, tomorrow on Facebook Live at 10am UK time, I will be asking what are your dreams, and I mean BIG dreams?   

And I will be sharing how my dream came true and some ideas for you.

One lucky viewer will win the opportunity to discover what their life themes and challenges are too.

Another lucky viewer will discover a Master Program of negative energy that is running on their inner hard drive causing problems.

So don’t miss it!

This month of December is all about focus and discipline, letting go of any doubts or worry so that you can start your dream, follow it through (for however long it takes) and complete it.

I always say to my clients, to think of yourself as a computer. If your computer is beginning to show signs of not being able to keep up with new programs and needs more memory and a higher processing speed, it is time for an upgrade.  Ancestral Healing, clears the hard drive of negative programming. 

As we move into the 5th dimension just know that we are all being  rewired energetically in preparation for something new:

  • new ideas

  • new insights

  • new belief systems

  • new experiences

  • new attitudes

  • a new relationship with life.

This month, take an honest look at your health.  Are you taking on responsibility for what you eat and drink?  Are you taking regular exercise?

Are you satisfied with what you wear? Feeling ready for a new style?

Fed up with your image and wish to restyle your hair?  Ready to pamper yourself with a massage?

What can you do each day to be kind to yourself?

Are you communicating honestly to your family and friends?

Whatever is happening in relationships is a mirror of what is going on within yourself.  My “7-Day Inner Relationship Challenge” is a great way to start to work on yourself.

During November many people uncovered old patterns imprinted from childhood that relate to your belief of how much you can have or what we can achieve.

Ancestral Clearing, removes the old “imprint” pattern and replaces it with a positive one, which shifts your beliefs.

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Let’s Get To The Root








What does the yellow chakra mean?

Last week I mentioned the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Here are some tools to re-boost it…

  • Meditate daily, listen to meditation. Solitude is bliss. The best time to awaken both body and mind is in the early morning.  We are fresh, in solitude, and the vibrations of the world are at their calmest. The first half hour of conscious awareness will be the foundation of your day, as you let go of stress.  You’ll be surprised the difference it makes. Just focus on breathing in and breathing out.  My Happiness Meditation is on the APP store CLICK HERE 


  • Be clear about what you want, what others want from you and what you want from others.

Therefore, if you want someone to listen to you, be clear that you do not wish to be interrupted, or perhaps someone just wants you to “listen” and not for you to offer unrequested advice.


  • Keep yourself in integrity, in other words, be true to yourself. Do not lie to yourself.  Do not gossip or judge.  Do your best in all situations.  Be aware.  Ask yourself, “Am I acting from a place of love?”  Respond, don’t react.


  • Say stop to your ‘inner critic’ Does it say to you…

“You aren’t good at your job and someone will figure that out and throw you out”


“You are worse/uglier than your friend/relative/colleague”


Or something else?


You don’t have to accept this though.  Simply say “STOP” when you are aware of the inner critic, or “No, no, no – we are NOT going there.”  Or perhaps a different phrase or word that works for you.  Then refocus your thoughts back fully in the present moment.


  • Honour your gut knowings. The solar plexus is where we receive some of our most powerful intuitions.


  • Write daily in a journal, 3 things that you love about your personality or about the way you look or things that you do or skills you have developed. Or simply ask yourself “What are the 3 things I can appreciate about myself?”

i.e.  am very thoughtful and caring etc.




Affirmations are positive, specific statements that help you to overcome self-sabotaging negative thoughts. They will help you to visualise, and believe in what you’re affirming to yourself and supporting you in making positive changes in your life, from career to relationships.

Here are three of my favourite affirmations.

Give them a try and you will reap the benefits.

  • I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly

  • I can do whatever I will to do

  • I honour the power within me

What is Citrine used for?

So many of you have written and asked what Crystal would be best to wear or carry in you pocket to boost your Self worth/Self esteem.

This relates specifically to your Solar Plexus Chakra, which honours your life force.  It brings clarity to your mental aspect as it works with your intelligence, wisdom and inspiration.  Plus Focus, Transformation and Will Power as this is the fire element; your life force/energy.

This energy centre which is around your belly button area, asks….

What is mine?

What is beneficial?

What do I resist?

What do I choose?


The crystal for this Chakra is stimulating Citrine, which is an energizing yellow stone that carries the power of the sun. Citrine does not hold negative energy, and never needs cleansing.

  • It dispels anger
  • Cleanses the aura.
  • It energizes
  • Increases motivation
  • Heightens self-esteem,
  • Personal power
  • Creativity.
  • Brings happiness
  • Generosity,
  • Promotes inner calm,
  • Balances yin yang energy.
  • Enhance concentration
  • Helps in overcoming depression, fears and phobias.

It is a good stone to use for manifesting your desires and creating optimism.

Also known as the “Stone of Prosperity” or the “Merchant Stone”, Citrine attracts wealth and success and helps one maintain it. It can also be used to help sell houses. Place this stone in a cash drawer of a business, or in the wealth corner of your house to draw abundance.


I’ve been focusing lately on boosting your Self Worth/Self Esteem and in my last blog I gave the links to my facebook lives regarding your Professional Path, Spiritual Connection, Mental Treasure Chest, Physical Well being and Intimate Relations.  On Sunday 5th November I spoke about the importance of Boundaries 

I also mentioned the relationships you have in life, mirror the relationship you have with yourself.  So I have created an ONLINE 7-Day Inner Relationship Challenge that can be done in your own space and time….


Still unsure whether it’s for you?  Well, let me tell you about Holly.

She did not feel that her friends were loving and felt left out of dinner/party invitations.  When she saw their posts on social media, where she hadn’t been included, she felt sad and angry.  Her husband was disrespectful and took her for granted, was a workaholic, rarely complimented her or made her feel valued.  Her two daughters were always finding fault in the clothes she wore or the meals she cooked.  She just didn’t feel that friends or family accepted her just as she is.  She always felt they were ‘picking on her’ about her hair, her clothes and the job she did.  Her parents had died 10 years ago and she didn’t feel the compassion from others, about the huge void, that they had left.  Customers she dealt with were rude and patronising.  Everything felt out of balance!  What was going on?

Working together, I asked Holly what would it feel truly like if she could imagine every relationship in her life to be loving, respectful, accepting and compassionate.  She closed her eyes and tears streamed down her face.  “It would be incredible” she whispered.  Working through the 7-Day Inner Relationship Challenge, she changed herself and therefore everyone around her was affected, because when she loved and respected herself, her boundaries of what was acceptable went up and she no longer tolerated being taken for granted or under-valued.

Now, let me share with you all about Amanda.  She had been struggling to get a man to fully BE in a relationship with her – to commit his heart and his mind to her – to fall “IN love” with her and not just “love her,” – which is why she had left her marriage in the first place.  Her needs of love and adoration were not being met.

Now her husband was in a happy new relationship and she wasn’t!    She knew there just had to be some way to make this kind of true love happen for her, but she just hadn’t found it yet, until she worked with me.

She knew for sure that what she had been doing – in fact, what she had always done – wasn’t working.

She felt stuck and I know she is not alone.  Amanda would get involved with one man too quickly.  Give him her whole heart – although he hadn’t said that he was ready for a relationship and wasn’t in love with her – and then she would get her heart broken!  Amanda was her own worst enemy.

What she thought was the way forward, was in fact not working and she didn’t understand why, until we explored the key blocks to her experiencing a successful relationship with a man and indeed loving, respectful, accepting relationships with her daughters, friends and colleagues too! Working through the 7-Day Inner Relationship Challenge, she changed herself and is now in a fulfilling, loving relationship.

I must also mention Robert.  He felt in conflict with his work colleagues and not valued by his bosses.  He did not feel in a loving relationship with his wife and felt she did not respect his input into working to keep their home well kept, the bills paid, the garden maintained and running 2 cars.  His children treated him like a bank and he rarely spent valuable time with them.  He didn’t know how to put anything back into balance, until he worked with me.

So what about you?  Take a moment and imagine every relationship in your life to be loving, respectful, accepting and compassionate.  Friends, family, colleagues and even people you have yet to meet.

What would that truly feel like?  In your mind, just imagine that right now.  Really bring it to life in your mind’s eye vividly.  See yourself experiencing sincere, honest and loving relationships in all areas of your life. Does it bring a tear to your eye?

What if you could truly experience that?

What would that be worth to you?

Working with Holly, Amanda and Robert, we discovered the keys to unlocking loving, respectful, accepting and compassionate relationships.  Would you like to discover them too?

I wish to show you that every relationship is a reflection of how you relate and interact with yourself. Your relationship with a friend shows you just as much about your ‘self -relationship’ as an interaction you have with a stranger. Each relationship and interaction are different, yet they each give you the opportunity to realise how much you love, accept, and honour yourself.

Are you curious to know what is blocking you from allowing inner relationships to reflect compassion, acceptance, honour and love?

Plus what is blocking you from allowing these inner relationships to be in balance and harmony?

And what blocks you from expressing self-love in your every action and thought

If yes, this Challenge will show you to how to remove your blocks and re-balance your life … CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO JOIN THIS ONLINE CHALLENGE


How do you raise your positive vibes?

Today, as I read the story of Cinderella to my grandson, I loved the idea of the fairy godmother.

So I want you to imagine that I am your benevolent fairy godmother

I am the opposite of many people in business. Instead of taking manipulative tactics to get what I want, I am a ‘doer of good’ who does good deeds unassumingly so my tribe get what you need, even if you don’t realise it at first.

I clear your negative stuff from your Akashic Records  for your highest good, so you can reach your full potential.

Do you get me?

 I work from a place of love, so my clients unassumingly get soooooo much more than they think they need and go on to get great results.

Let me share a story about Wendy who came to me because she wanted to lose weight.  She did not realise that the cause of the chronic weight gain stemmed not just from certain food choices, but perhaps from some unresolved emotional pain, a low sense of self-worth or a lack of boundaries with people in her life. Wendy was using food and an unhealthy lifestyle to numb herself from something much deeper. That said, she approached me about her weight, but she didn’t think about getting help for the emotional component of it. That’s when I give my clients what they want (the healthy food choices and calorie-counting piece) and then, I also give them what is at the Core Root, clearing their negative programs in their Akashic Records.

PLUS I show clients how to set boundaries, have better relationship choices, emotional healing resources, help with self worth/self-esteem, ways to start a spiritual practice, etc.

 And that’s what often creates the lasting transformation.

For those of you who missed my Facebook Lives all last week about Self Worth/Self Esteem, (Sunday morning)  watch it here

Monday’s Live  Physical Well Being 

Tuesday’s Live Spiritual Connection 

Wednesday Live Professional Path 

Thursday Live Intimate Relations 

Friday Live Mental Treasure Chest 


See you on Facebook Live on Sunday at 10am talking about Boundaries.

Lets Get To The Root


You are entirely up to you…

With the Moon in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio, it’s time to explore how you build material and emotional resources. Because an opposition is naturally an intense aspect, you may feel like you have to push a little bit to forge your self-worth.

This is a time to clear any limiting beliefs about your personal worth and value, so that you can easily create the life you want to have.

I have been on Facebook Live all this week, focusing on the 8 elements with the core root of Self Worth/Self Esteem

  • Physical Well Being;

  • Professional Path

  • Spiritual Connection

  • Intimate Relations

    Today I will be focusing on your Mental Treasure Chest at 2.30pm (UK)

All the recordings are on my page @rootmaster1  if you missed them.

And don’t forget I’ll be on Facebook Live on Sunday at 10.00am talking about the importance of Boundaries.

As the page is public, you may not choose to comment about your private circumstances, so please send your queries privately to heather@heatherprince.co.uk

I have also spoken about the importance of the relationship you have with yourself, so here is the link to join the 7-DAY INNER RELATIONSHIP CHALLENGE

Let’s Get To The Root





Why fit in when you were born to stand out

I have a passion for transformation.

I also have a passion for teaching and sharing the real, results-based techniques and resources that transformation-seekers actually need to succeed in their life themes and challenges. (I can tell you what your life themes and challenges are with Ancestral Healing and your Soul Qualities).

Anyway, that’s why I can BARELY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT as I announce something brand new I’ve created for you..

If you’ve ever wanted a place – a community – that learns together and seeks to embody transformation for the world: HERE IT IS!


Starting Monday 30th October… plus Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

FACEBOOK LIVE at 2.30pm each day @therootmaster.co.uk


If you’ve been following me on Facebook, then you’ll have seen that I said…..

With high Self Worth, “What others think of you is none of your business”.

with Low Self Worth, you’ll feel very bothered what others think of you!

Here are 6 tips…. 

  1. Make Peace with your past so it doesn’t spoil your Present.

  2. Time heals almost everything.  Give the time, some time.

  3. No one is the reason of your happiness, except you yourself

  4. Don’t compare your life with others, you have no idea what their journey is all about

  5. Stop thinking too much, it’s alright not to know all the answers

  6. Smile, you don’t own all the problems in the world

I’ll also be live at 10am on Sunday 29th October to tell you what to expect.  Hope to see you there!

Why fit in when you were born to stand out.  Let’s grow your Self Worth!

Happy Weekend!


You CAN have all that you want…

If you missed the show “The Gift Of Healing TV” on Friday evening,

Here is the link with me explaining “What is Ancestral Healing?” 


If you missed me Live on Facebook at 10am yesterday, Listen up – You are Good enough! You are worthy!

Here is the link with me talking about Self Worth 


It has been an emotional rollercoaster for me in connecting with so many of you.  I’ve become enrolled in SO MANY of your visions and you all inspire me! So many of you have shared beautiful visions of how you make an impact with your work, and how you want to live with freedom every day!

I love that! I want that for you too!

While I love seeing so many brave women step up and join my Core Transformation Program, there are always just as many women who have questions, doubts and fears about making such a big decision like this.

In case you’re in that boat, I wanted to let you know that I totally get it. I know that the Core Transformation Program is not only an investment financially but also an investment in YOU, and stepping up into that bigger version of yourself can feel terrifying, to say the least.

TRUTH: It’s just not always EASY to believe in ourselves.

But, I also know that when it comes time to trusting in yourselves and your process, this decision, needs to be made from the heart (and not from fear).

So I decided to pop into your inbox today to do something about those lingering questions that might be holding you back.

And luckily, after years of healing clients Akashic Records, I can pretty confidently say I’ve heard every question in the book.

Let’s do this….


Will I be working direct with you Heather on the 90 day Core Transformation Program?


– a session with an expert Numerologist to get a personal insight into your Money Mapping!

– an energy reading with a top intuitive for extra guidance on your path!



I totally understand that if you’re considering investing in your life at this level, you’re going to want to be absolutely sure you’re getting the kind of support you need.

I know, on my own journey, I almost didn’t have a coach for the same reason, but I thank myself every day that I didn’t let my fear get in the way, because the one I joined changed everything for me.

Which is why so many of my clients say that the personalised attention you get in the Core Transformation Program is unlike any other program out there.


I want to do the Core Transformation Program, but I’m not sure I can afford it, how do I know it’s the right investment for me? 

I want to say this straight from my heart:

If you KNOW that this program is for you and you’re willing to put in the work, the investment isn’t the issue – It’s your own faith (or lack of faith) in yourself, and there’s only one thing to do, kick it in the bum and tell it to F*** Off!  Said with love.

If you can feel into this choice and see that it’s a lack of faith keeping you back, then my suggestion is this…

LISTEN to that small voice in your gut wanting you to commit to a higher level in your life, because that voice is the one that will actually help you meet those dreams head on.

If you’re still feeling unsure, just know that so many women who have joined the Core Transformation Program have struggled with those same fears.

In fact, here’s what those ladies have to say about their investment now:

“Having tried a number of different alternative therapies for an on-going problem with my shoulder, I was finally referred to Heather. I attended my first visit, unsure as to quite what to expect and was extremely impressed with Heather’s warm yet professional manner. She put me completely at ease and explained the process very clearly. From that point on I almost felt like an observer. Heather worked with the deeper levels of my consciousness unravelling things I barely even knew were there, because I had hidden them away so effectively. I could hear myself responding to questions, without really being aware that I even knew the answers. For those of you that have tried alternative treatments I would compare it to kinesiology for the soul!

I hadn’t quite appreciated how much past emotional events or my ancestors stuff could cause physical dysfunction and pain and so had been trying to treat my symptoms on a physical level. With Heather I was able to reach below the embedded pattern and clear the underlying issues and memories leaving me free to move forward in a completely unhindered way. My life is so different from where I was only 18 months ago, before my programme of treatment with Heather. I have left a difficult working environment and am setting up in business with a colleague. I have moved house and my relationships with my family have dramatically improved. I can whole heartedly recommend Heather to anyone struggling to break negative patterns that they feel are holding them back from realising their true potential.” J. M


“I first went to Heather back in January 2016, I was in a very dark place, mentally and emotionally plus my house was a mess and wanted to spend more time out of my house than in it. I needed a Core Transformation!

She checked out any programs in my family of abuse, addiction, violence, poverty, illness, abandonment and betrayal and cleared all that negative stuff in my Akashic Records, then Heather helped me to set myself a goal to clear the clutter by the end of August this year by setting me tasks each week and it was up to me to comply to them or not. With her encouragement and clearing the root cause when I had not obtained my goal by finding the cause of any glitches that occurred along the way and clearing them. I have succeeded in turning my life around, I now have a more positive frame of mind and enjoy being at home.” J.C.


How do I know if I’m ready?

The reality is, there will never be a magical moment when you suddenly have loads of free time, or everything is “just right.”

And I know from experience, sometimes you’ve got to start before you’re ready. You’ve got to MAKE IT the right time.

But let me tell you, honestly, if there is anything worth making the time and space to do, it’s the Core Transformation Program.

“I could have easily said ‘I’m not in the right space right now’ or ‘I’m working a 9-5, now’s not the right time for the Core Transformation Program’, but I really felt that it was the absolute most amazing time. But when I said ‘Yes’ to that and ‘Yes’ to myself, everything else has just been easy.” — K.R. 

Alright, I’m saying ‘Yes!’ — where do I sign up?


And remember, when you say ‘Yes’ to the Core Transformation Program, you join the many women who’ve also committed to themselves, their dreams, and their futures and who will be cheering you on, keeping you accountable, and moving you forward.

Can’t wait to get to the root!





Do you wonder why your ancestor may be affecting you now?

Firstly, thank you to everyone who very kindly asked about my 9 month old granddaughter who has been in hospital this week.  You’re all so kind, it means alot to me and my family.  She came out of hospital this morning and is much better thank you.

I promised to let you know the date when the Gift of Healing TV program has been re-scheduled.

It’s Friday 20th October 2017

Gift of Healing TV ~ 7.30pm BST

Heather Prince Joins Sara to share  “What is Ancestral Healing”


You are invited to join Heather Prince the Rootmaster for this Interactive Ancestral Healing program.

You will learn how Ancestral Healing works, how to release yourself from family karma and experience a demonstration from Heather.

Under her expert guidance join in and learn about the seven karmic shadows that are written into the history of our families.

Ancestral Healing will heal whichever of the seven shadows are present in your family, either now or in the past. This is possible no matter how difficult or painful your family relationships have been.

Many find it absurd to think that the actions of an unknown ancestor could possible have anything to do with what is happening to them today. But time and time again when investigating someone’s karma, I find problems that stretch back generations. Their spirit is not just an individual entity, it is also part of the family spirit that births and nurtures it.

Perhaps you come from a lineage of addiction, from people who found solace and comfort from what seemed unbearable through alcohol or other substances. You might come from a lineage of anger or violence, from people who kept score and settled them in ways that were destructive to themselves and others. Maybe your people tried hard to assimilate and fit in, but never quite succeeded, always the “outsider.” Maybe you still feel that “outsider-ness” in your own life today. Your people might have been survivors, having lived through war or other atrocities. Many fought the battles, inner and outer, with those conflicts having been passed on to you.

Ancestral Healing is based on the belief that what happened in your family, before your current life, is present or alive in your energy field today. Accordingly, any unresolved conflict your ancestors had – including unhealed emotional wounds, damaging judgements and other limitations – may be in your energetic grid, since this is part of the larger energy pattern of your entire family and it can go back up to 9 generations!