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I get planning!

Hello, hello, hello, come in. I write this from my Energy Studio, where I have been planning 2018!

That is, inbetween watching Peaky Blinders!  Are you watching? …

It is FABALISS – (I’ve just discovered this word and should be used as often as possible.)

And I was thinking how none of us really know what previous generations of our ancestors actually went through. In our DNA we inherit Karmic Shadows which can be one or many of the following…..









Anyway, Peaky Blinders has all of them!

Are you curious to know what yours are?  Ancestral Healing not only discovers them, it also deletes them in your Akashic (Soul) Record.  Not only for you, but for your children too, so that future generations don’t have them running on their inner hard drive!

If you want to know more, then contact me for a Clarity Conversation



Right. Now, my 2018 got off to a topping start. I went to Tenerife and I was thinking 2018 will be MY year. I will work with amazing clients who want to create balance in their life wheel, delete their karmic shadows; delete negative programs running in their subconscious and remove any energies standing in their way of their full potential.

I will reach many people to spread the word about Ancestral Healing



I will offer my “Inner Relationship Challenge” for you to get to know and understand yourself

clearer this February after the recent moon energies.  The first three who enrol will WIN A PRIZE of a Life Wheel Assessment so you can gain clarity on how wobbly your life is and what needs tweaking….



And I will be on Parasearch Radio with Kerry Greenaway on Sunday 18th March, answering listeners questions.

On a personal note, I decided to give up sugar and even though I, very quickly, felt as if I was drowning in sorrow, I pressed on, eating red peppers and cucumbers and keeping the faith.


By the way, the Retreat in 2018 will be at Cae Mabon in Snowdonia READ MORE    

It will be Sunday 20th May until Thursday 24th May. It’s a bit like “I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here” without having to eat the bugs and animal parts.  It’s just good old-fashioned vegetarian home made meals.  But the main feature that most participants get focused on are the Composting Toilets.  No flush! But it get’s you out of your comfort zone and living in “hobbit homes” with bluebells on the roof, showering in a shower next to the running stream , relaxing in the open air hot tub and joining in my Meditation/Wellbeing Workshops.  It’s truly a life changing experience! Let me know if you fancy joining us. heather@heatherprince.co.uk


All Change! Major Life Upgrades

In January as 2018 began, it was all about evaluating what was working and what wasn’t working.  We asked ourselves

  • what do we like?

  • what don’t we like?

  • what have we put up with that doesn’t serve us to the positive?

  • what have we always desired but couldn’t let ourselves have it?

  • what action are we going to take?

  • where and on what do we spend our time?

  • are we spending time with people who are important?

  • are we spending time doing what we love to do?

It was all about making new choices and taking action for CHANGE!

Tomorrow, January 31st we have a real treat in store – a total lunar eclipse. And this is a special one because it will be a super moon, and therefore larger and more impressive to view.

The super blue blood moon will be visible as a blue moon, a supermoon and a total lunar eclipse coincide to create the spectacle which experts have said has not been viewed for 150 years.  The best time to view the super blue moon in the UK will be around 2am on Thursday February 1.

In general, lunar eclipses are opportunities to tend to the relationship you have with yourself.

Eclipses of a solar variety can underline truths about the world around you, while those of the lunar sort illuminate truths about yourself.

A lunar eclipse reveals what’s hidden about you.  It’s a chance for internal reflection, so click on the link below to join my 7 Day “Inner Relationship” Challenge


Maybe a revelation will strike you the night of the eclipse. This could be as major as realizing you actually hate your job, or as minor as realizing you actually hate the vase on the kitchen window sill.  On the other hand, you might still be coming to terms with a personal truth that you unearthed months ago. Now’s the time to embrace that fact about yourself wholeheartedly.

This may be an opportunity for self-acceptance or divine creative inspiration if you want it to be.

February will be the month to examine in a very ruthless way what needs to change in your life. Maybe your attitudes. Maybe your belief systems.  Maybe your tendency to live ‘small’.

Maybe some bad habits. Maybe a relationship or two. Maybe your self-image.

Maybe your health or practices or disciplines. Maybe your work or your home or your dreams or intentions.

In January we asked ourselves whether our relationships were serving us to the positive or not.

It was important to disconnect from judgements and attachments to old wounds, disappointments and unrealised dreams as well as setting good boundaries and understanding that only we could change ourselves in a relationship.  The result of this change, is that we must be willing to let them go. Change is happening whether you like it or not. 

The thing about Change is that it requires making room for something new. For change to be successful you cannot stubbornly be holding on to your old stuff, old ways and old habits.


  • What needs to change in your life.
  • Ready to consider your attitudes?
  • Are your beliefs serving you to the positive?  
  • Are you living ‘small’?
  • What bad habits can you release?
  • How is your self-image?
  • Clear the clutter of your mind 

The first 3 people who register will receive a prize of a “Balance Life Report” 

This will give clarity on what areas in their life need to be addressed and brought back into balance, such as:

Is your relationship a 3 out of a possible 10?

Is your your career is 6 out of a possible 10? 

Maybe your personal development is a 2 out of a possible 10?

This would feel very wobbly as your life wheel rolls forward.  

Prize Is Worth £197! 









How fear causes sickness

Recently, I have been working with clients experiencing dis-ease on the physical level.  I wish to share with you, that the emotional stuff  that is the biggest creator of illness in life is FEAR.

Illness can also be programmed (we are like a computer) to be experienced in the physical body before the Soul incarnates, so the experience can be a learning curve.

In many cases illness is a belief that we must suffer because of some misdeed in the past.  Thus, through suffering, we believe we learn to be a better more spiritual person.

The best way to learn is through using the conscious mind to project life in a positive, constructive manner.

Life is lived based on a person’s

  • beliefs

  • perceptions

  • judgements

including the judgement that illness is purifying and leads to spiritual well-being, etc.  This is simply not true; illness just causes pain and challenges.

Of course, we are aware that the our physical body is subject to viruses, bacteria, injury and other causes of physical problems.

When there is an illness with a client, I always ask their High Self (higher consciousness) if there are ‘programs’ causing the illness, then I research what they are (for example – FEAR AND A BLOCK TO THEIR SELF PRESERVATION) then they are cleared in the client’s Akashic (soul) records.

The ‘program(s)’ are then removed and placed into ‘Dead Files’ and therefore are no longer running on their internal ‘hard drive’.

Once clear, I then ask their High Self if there will be a healing and make sure that I am receiving an honest answer.  Sometimes, there may be a desire on the part of the Soul to use the illness to get out of the body, so honesty is important.

Everything I do is confidential, so I’m going to share an example and call my client Lucy.  She had a bladder infection causing incontinence. She felt embarrassed, ashamed and it was affecting her work, her relationship and her social life. She didn’t like going out, because she had a fear that she wouldn’t find a convenient toilet and was becoming housebound.  She had visited many doctors and consultants and had been offered different treatments but nothing was working, so she decided to try Ancestral Healing, to get to the root, once and for all.  

I explained that all bodily fluids are linked to the emotional body, or the body of desires.  Bladder disorders are linked with the capacity to delay gratification.  Incontinence indicated that Lucy rigidly controlled her desires and was afraid to let them out.  Her body was telling her that she couldn’t control her desires, that she lacked judgement and wanted her expectations to be met immediately.  

Lucy felt like a child instead of an equal when she was with her husband, as they had met when she was just 17 years old.  I explained that it’s never a good thing to have a parent-child relationship between two adults.  

She needed to be aware that it was time to take charge of her life and feel like an equal.  Lucy had allowed herself to be invaded by the thoughts, words and deeds of others.  This had affected and infected her.  It was eating away at her.  She was out of touch with her psychological immunity and her physical immune system responded accordingly.  

She often found herself saying “What’s the point?”  She felt like giving up and losing the fight.  

Working with Lucy, I researched what programs were running, and discovered FEAR plus many others.  These were removed.  Therefore, allowing her emotional body (layer in her Aura) to be re-balanced.  PLUS her Sacral Chakra, linked to desire, was opened and balanced.  Also, this allowed her ‘inner child’ to be healed. 

Her Sacral Chakra had been affected by frustration, over-protection and lack of joy, fear and guilt (“I am not allowed”) during her childhood.  The Sacral area is the most abused area; the most ignored, misunderstood and judged area.  

Her fear of aggression actually was attracting the aggression of others. 

We are like magnets and we attract what we fear the most.  The truth is, others probably didn’t see themselves as aggressive towards her. I showed her how to choose her reaction within these situations.  

Lucy was more powerful that she realised and I showed her to get in touch with that power and take back control of her life, sharing that others will love her to the degree that she loved and respected herself.   

The result was that Lucy became a stronger person and is able to stand up for herself now and perceives herself to be lively, strong and grounded.  Alongside the healing, Lucy has got in touch with her feelings, keeps a gratitude diary,discovered how she would like to live her life, meditates, uses essential oils, exercises and follows a healthy eating diet plan and is drinking plenty of water. 

I am delighted to share with you that her bladder has healed and this was all done virtually as Lucy lives in San Francisco, USA.  


Is fear affecting your life?






Register today!

What if I told you that your fears are not only real but they are the key to unlocking what you truly desire?

We have spent so much of our lives avoiding, ignoring and running away from our fears yet it’s only when we face our fears, accept and actually start to learn from them that we start to master life. Yet our fears are very real and create an energy we that is difficult to deal with.  We create chemicals in our systems which can be uncomfortable and sometimes bring us into situations where we’re not coming from the highest place, because of our fears.

Fear is at the root of many of our health issues. It can take over your mind, and your health can go downhill very fast. But when you realize that fear enters your life to teach you something, and you learn that lesson, then it has no reason to stay, and you can allow yourself to release it.

Traditional Chinese Medicine says: “Emotional or physical pain asks only that we not reject it, but instead, invite it to reveal its secret to us.”

To learn the lesson that emotional and physical pain has to teach you, however, you need to face it, not run from it, to give it your full attention. Once that emotion – which usually expresses itself in the form of fear – has been seen, and you are aware of what it has been teaching you, it will then be ready to leave, and you will be able to let it go.

Join my workshop ‘3 Easy Steps To Make 2018 Ridiculously Successful’

on Saturday 27th January

9.30am until 1.30pm in the Energy Studio in Loughton. (5 minutes from Loughton station).

We will talk about fears and through a healing meditation, unlock the parts of you that are still resisting from facing your fears.

This is a high energy workshop which will open you to be assisted in healing at the energetic level, so if any of the following resonate with you, tell me you’re ‘in’.

Core fears:

  1. ‘I’m not good enough.’

  2. ‘I’m bad.’

  3. ‘I’m unworthy.’

  4. ‘I’m all alone.’

  5. ‘There’s something wrong with me.’

  6. ‘Everyone abandons me.’

  7. ‘I should be ashamed.’

  8. ‘I’m unlovable.’

  9. ‘I’m nothing.’

  10. ‘It’s not safe to be me.’



Surround Yourself With Nature

Join us in May for this year’s Wellness Retreat at Cae Mabon, Snowdonia, from Sunday 20th May 2018 until Thursday 24th May 2018 (4 nights) and immerse yourself in the stunning natural landscapes of Wales. With miles of lush greenery and a dramatic scenery, this is a truly magical place to leave your busy lifestyle behind.

The retreat will be led by me, wellness expert and meditation teacher of 20 years.

Heather Prince taking some time out at Cae Mabon

When my youngest son, Michael and his friend Mark went on a teenage retreat to Cae Mabon a few years ago and returned aglow from the experience totally changed, I  knew that I had to go to Cae Mabon.  Thus this unique retreat was ‘born’.  This year it will be our fifth visit.  Wales is renowned for its scenery and mystical energy. A comfortable mini-bus will take you from Loughton, Essex directly to Cae Mabon (approx 5 hours with stops), unless you choose to meet us there.


The Cedarwood Hot Tub by the stream

Cae Mabon is take-your-breath-away gorgeous.  Heavily influenced by ancient buildings, the accommodation is rustic and is like living in ‘Hobbit’ land, with bluebells on the roof!  You may have to share and there are no en-suite bathrooms.  You’re also reminded this is not a hotel when you’re asked to clear and clean your own dishes after eating and bring your own pillowcase & sleeping bag – but then again, it keeps the price down. The hot tub is located next to the stream and is so tranquil. The roundhouse is cosy with an open fire.  The workshops & meals take place in a barn, a wonderfully light space, big enough to accommodate our group.



It is an opportunity to leave behind television, computers and stress to return back to a simple time, of nature, silence, organic vegetarian cuisine and going within to reach peace.  Monday 21st May will include a train ride up Snowdon with amazing views, as well as candlelight relaxation in the evening.  Tuesday and Wednesday will include Half Day Wellbeing Workshops with me.

We will explore the role of mindfulness, letting go of negativity, experiencing calm and clarity within, and cultivating creativity.

Attention will be focused on visualisation meditation as well as its intuitive and imaginative dimension.

There will be silent meditation walks during the afternoon, which will allow time for contemplation and there will also be  ‘time alone’ which will give you space away from the group.

Laze in a cedarwood hot tub next the stream, weather permitting.

In the evenings, there will also be stories & songs, plus a sing-a-long, on Wednesday evening, in the Dragons Den.


I believe that on a retreat guests should eat well and plentifully and therefore we will have a private cook to cater for all of your meals, which will include a range of healthy and delicious vegetarian meals using fresh produce.  A buffet breakfast will be available every morning.


Warm clothes are best as they’re great for wearing to workshops and meditation classes, plus you can add or remove layers as necessary.  In case of rain, a good waterproof jacket may be necessary as well as walking boots.


A real mix; from age 21 to 57 who enjoy nature and are able to carry luggage down a steep hill to the accommodation & enjoy cliffside walks down to the village.


People wanting to combine healthy living with self-awareness and balance.


This 4-night midweek retreat is about taking some well-earned time out to centre and return to self. It’s a chance to nurture self in the company of other like minded people, share stories and challenges and benefit from each other’s wise counsel and support. People have done this for each other since time immemorial, but in this modern, hectic, schedule driven world, sometimes a special effort needs to be made to create the space for this important work.

There will be an exploration of self, friendship, nurturing in nature, walks, meditation, a sharing of lives and experience, poetry and song, hot tubs beneath a waxing moon, stories and a celebration of life and the blossoming year.

May is an insanely beautiful time at Cae Mabon when the spring flowers are out in abundance and bluebells carpet the woods. It’s a time of new beginnings, of reaching for the sky – perfect for this retreat and its work.

Cost £397

  • including return mini-bus from Essex to Wales
  • accommodation
  • great freshly prepared vegetarian food on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
  • return train from Llanberis up Snowdon Mountain Railway (you can walk down if you wish)
  • daily meditation
  • PLUS 2 half day Well Being Workshops with me.
  • Free time to explore Llanberis
  • Free time to explore the village of Betws y coed in North Wales, on the return journey home

There are only a few places available on this retreat and a deposit of £100 will secure your place.

If you have any further questions or wish to request a booking form, please email me….



“An amazing retreat where I found time to relax and unwind in friendly surroundings with like minded souls taking the time to get back on track, look at my life, finding my true purpose, inspiration for my career and generally finding a sense of peace and harmony in my relationships and work.”


You may be interested to know that Cae Mabon was recently nominated number one ‘natural building project’ in the UK by Professor Tom Woolley

“Cae Mabon is a Welsh Shangri La, hanging on a steep hillside with stunning views across to Snowdon”

The Energy of January 2018




In this Anxiety Toolbox: 

  • you will receive information and techniques for you to master, to let go of  Anxiety from your life!
  • you will learn about the physical blocks, the emotional blocks and the mental blocks that are preventing you from enjoying your life.  




My Gift To You

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas!

The holidays are upon us and I hope it’s restful and nurturing for you. It’s a very special time, and I hope that your weekend is filled with the spiritual context for the holiday — that you are feeling gratitude, being of service, acting in personal integrity with your Highest Self, and caring for yourself and enjoying a few indulgences!

I’d like to give you a GIFT – a 7-minute visualization practice specifically for the holidays.

Along with all the fun and celebrations this time of the year, most of us also have family and travel stress.

This visualization can provide a quick “break” from the festivities and will help you hold FAITH.

You can listen online or download the mp3 here:

Visualization (mp3) Gift for You this Holiday Season

I would like to wish you all a sparkling Christmas and a beautiful 2018. It has been a privilege to work with you all; I am thankful and honoured for that.

It has been an amazing year, connecting and working with so many gorgeous people who are on a mission to improve their lives authentically in a heart-centred way.

I look forward to connecting more in 2018!


Heather Prince

P.S. Please feel free to share this on Facebook or via email with friends or family you think might benefit from it. Visualization (mp3) Gift for You this Holiday Season

P.P.S  Date for your diary – 27th January WORKSHOP

3 easy steps to making 2018 ridiculously successful


So very very grateful!

At this special time of the year,  I like to pause and reflect on what I’m thankful for.   No matter where you are in your life there is ALWAYS  thank yousomething to be thankful for. Being alive, eating healthy food, being able to sleep somewhere warm…..

So, a few things I’m thankful for are:

  • Getting to personally work with you and share life tools to help you get “unstuck” and transform your life.
  • The life I’ve been blessed with – allowing me to spend time with the people I really care about (my family and friends); not having to use an alarm clock ever again or answer to a “boss” ever again!
  •  My dogs who are always by my side, giving unconditional love, especially Vito who is a Christmas miracle.  Did you watch my Facebook Live about that?
  •  Meditation connecting with my intuition and inner peace, plus showing others how to do the same.

The game of Gratitude is something I do my best to practice every day… and I encourage my clients to do the same.

Everyday I light a candle and say Thank You.  I’ve noticed a direct link between the amount of GRATITUDE I have during the day and how those days pan out for me.

I’ve also noticed that the more gratitude I have in my life and the more I hang out with other people with lots of gratitude in their lives… well, the better and more graceful my life is.

And the more I’m grateful, the better I get at it.

My business has grown way beyond even my wildest dreams. In fact, when I look at the magnitude of it all, I just have to laugh at what’s happened – it’s almost hard for me to believe…

And that’s just the start of it. I’ve got a wonderful family – a wonderful Mum, a great man, fantastic kids and now 6 gorgeous grandkids.

We live in a beautiful place.

And I’ve got amazing friends who help turn my life into a crazy adventure.

I’ve got a fantastic team that makes my vision for my business happen with style and grace.

And that business has enabled me to help women who are coaches, healers, mentors, solopreneurs from all over the world, whether they’ve been “stuck” building their business; “stuck” with their financial flow; “stuck” with an unfulfilled relationship; or just “stuck” and didn’t know which direction to take. See Facebook Live with Coach Lisa Michaels

There’s a lot of people who have been able to reach balance, peace, calm and happiness by following my teaching. I think that’s really cool, and it’s something I’m hugely proud of.

I could go on and on… but you get the point. Things are going pretty well.

So yes, I’m grateful. Very grateful.

And that’s important – because I’ve learned that being grateful is one of the most critical life skills you can have.

Playing the daily gratitude game is just a matter of consciously taking time on a regular basis to acknowledge everything you have to be grateful for.

gratitude2And trust me, we all have LOTS to be grateful for.

Just take a few minutes right now, and reflect on FIVE things that you’re grateful for.

Now this is even more powerful if you actually speak those things out loud instead of just thinking about them. And it’s even better if you write them down.

Go ahead… do it right now. gratitude

So how did that feel? Do you feel happier? Lighter? More alive?

This really is a wonderful exercise to do each morning when you wake, at night when you go to bed, walking your dog, in the shower or any place you fancy!

It’s truly magical – when you play the Gratitude game, you will not only be happier… but you’re going to start to achieve more in your life.

This may sound too good to be true!

But trust me, this is powerful stuff. I have experienced it over and over in my life.

It comes down to this: you can go through your life feeling “stuck”, looking to blame other people and wondering why things aren’t coming easier to you… or you can go through your life feeling grateful for all you have.

It’s your choice.

But I’ve been around a LOT of super-successful people, and they mostly fall on the “gratitude” side of things.

Bottom line – if you want to achieve great things in your life (and great success), then Gratitude is one of the key life-skills you need to master.

The good news is that it’s also one of the easiest. And you’ll be a lot happier for it.

There is so much to be thankful for.

I get emails from people all the time, looking for solutions to help with their spouse/parents/kids/colleagues; depression; self-harming etc

And I am so thankful to use my Core Transformational program to help them transform their lives.

Here’s to A Wonderful Xmasxmas 15


What’s your dream?

What you think creates what you feel…

And what you feel creates your behaviour…

And how you behave creates your life’s experiences…

And your life’s experiences creates your values…

and your beliefs.

So, those thoughts (much of which are occurring on the subconscious layer of your mind) have an enormous impact on your life.

Which is why I love getting to the root of what is keeping people back in their life and getting in their way, with Ancestral Healing.

When negative programming is cleared from your Akashic (Soul) Records, I show clients that in order to realise their dreams, they need to improve their lives.

If you would like a FREE Clarity Conversation with me click yes below