What is Ancestral Healing?

Everything in the entire universe is made up of energy, which is never lost.  Energy simply changes over time.

Emotional issues that weren’t resolved by your ancestors will ‘hover’ in your energy field today.

This creates an imbalance – also known as a healing opportunity -0ften the root cause of an infinite number of problems in your life.

Your relationships, financial situation, health and so many other areas of your life are impacted by ancestral energy blocks.

Working with me, will clear these blocks and remove obstacles you didn’t even know were in your way.

Ancestral healing transforms energetic patterns with a vibrational shift back through your entire ancestral line, improving not only your life but also the lives of future generations of your family.

How does Ancestral Healing work?

Ancestral healing works by clearing what is known as your Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of Creation.  They store every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred

I will access your Higher Consciousness (High Self) who has access to the energy of your Akashic records, using charts and a dowsing crystal to clear negativity from your life, freeing you from negative beliefs and programming, you never realised you had.

This process will remove your obstacles causing problems with your relationships, health, work or money and restore your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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