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How to find clarity in your life using meditation

Meditation, when practised regularly can help you find immense clarity in your life. 

Meditation can:

  • Ground you
  • Help with anxiety
  • Increase peace
  • Boost your love life
  • And yes – improve your business!


Can You Relate to These Struggles?

I have worked with many people suffering from overwhelm, stress, fear of failure, idea overload, lack of focus…

Do you have thoughts like:

  • What direction should I go?
  • I’m no longer happy doing X, what should I do now?!
  • OMG there is so much to do, what do I do first?
  • My relationship feels like a struggle
  • I’m worried about money

I can feel you all nodding your heads, so I won’t go on.


Those kinds of thoughts and feelings can leave you running toward anything with the promise of hope and clarity.

Have you spent money on business coaches and life coaches, but are  STILL not happy.

Why? Because you are NOT treating the underlying problem.

It’s important to discover the core root. 

That’s where meditation comes in alongside Ancestral Healing.


Meditation is magical. It brings us back to the present.

Meditation also allows us to say, OK, this is what’s happening RIGHT NOW. How can I fix it?

That removes the overwhelm and enables us to act with clarity and confidence.


3 Ways Meditation Can Help You

1. Clarity

We all need  a clear head because it’s one of the most important things of all.

It allows us to connect with our intuition and make the best decisions possible.

Meditation can help you:

  • Calm down
  • Clear your head
  • Get out of your own way
  • Avoid making rash decisions

Often times our first instinct is right. But then we question it, hop into social media and look at what others are doing and end up totally overwhelmed!

By meditating on our life, we connect with our Higher Self  and learn to trust our intuition — which helps us avoid that entire cycle.

With clarity, you can make confident decisions about your life and remove the overwhelm and actually ENJOY your life!


2. Confidence

Once that horrible overwhelm is kicked to the curb, we can start analysing what we actually need to focus on and determine intentional goals.

(When we have established clarity, working with a coach can be fantastic!)

But many of us don’t take the time to quiet our minds.

There are many gurus ready to help – but when we lack clarity and confidence – we’re left spinning our wheels.

This leads to:

  • Financial issues
  • Unclear goals
  • Lack of focus
  • Frustration

But once we’re clear on our focus and connected to our higher self through meditation, the right coach can take that vision and get us from step A to step Z.

We need to do our part in order for coaches to be able to do their part. Once we’re clear and connected on a spiritual level, we can set clear goals and make level-headed decisions about which coach to work with.


3. The Big Picture

Another added benefit of meditation in life is the ability to see the bigger picture.

I know I just harped on the benefit of living in the present, but the fact is, once our present is taken care of, the future can easily snap into focus.

This doesn’t mean you’ll get a crystal ball (don’t we wish… ). It means that once we know where we are, it becomes easier to see where we’re going.

Meditating increases our connection with our ultimate purpose. It helps us see the bigger picture, which enables us to create confident business plans.

It helps us to go with the flow! That mindset leads to a sense of trust, purpose, and peace.


How to Start Meditating on Your Life

When it comes down to it, to be happy and successful, you need to be able to not get overwhelmed, stay calm and focused, and be able to trust your instincts… and meditation is the answer for that.


But, how do you actually get started on meditation when it’s all you can do to answer every email you get in your inbox daily?!

Create a Daily Routine

Well, if you don’t already have a morning routine, get one! It will seriously change your life (almost as much as meditating).

Schedule 10-15 minutes a day to sit down and meditate, journal, and dream about your life.

You can use a guided meditation or simply put on some relaxing music and dive deep while focusing on your breath.


  • Try to understand what your biggest problem is right now and focus on just the present situation.
  • Let the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety pass through you by acknowledging them and moving on.
  • Once you’re done, journal about your experience and decide on one or two things today that you’ll do to move you closer to your goal.

By making this routine part of your day, you can start to release the idea that everything must be done RIGHT NOW, gain clarity in your day to day, and move forward with intention and purpose.

Meditating can also help you understand what’s right for you to be investing in.

Ultimately, practising meditation can help you be clearer and more confident in your decisions… about coaching and what you wish for in life.


Join my 5- Day challenge…

Meditation 5 Day challenge link

meditation 5-day challenge



Secrets to fix your intuitive abilities

Maybe your life was hectic, without any space in between for you to slow down but now we all have an enforced slow down…

Maybe your mind is cluttered, with decisions.

Stay with me.  This is for you.

A great tool that we all need to use as we move through these unknown times is our intuition.

It’s that knowing feeling, that instinct that speaks from your gut to tell you that all is well.

  • Something told you to take a different route this morning on your jog or walk…
  • To go back and check one more time…
  • To say no
  • To say yes
  • To ask
  • Let it go
  • Or hold on tighter

Did you know that Albert Einstein called the intuitive mind a sacred gift?

He said the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten this gift, purely because we have not been taught or shown how to use it.


I am here to reignite that for YOU.

I wish to show you how to transform your life by tapping into your intuitive mind.

Maybe you wish to make an impact; be open to trust yourself and others; be non judgemental; be open to abundance; know you are worth it; have peace of mind, feel more harmony or be open to spirituality??

How will you feel when your life can reach the dizzy heights of success, abundance and financial freedom?


Did you know over 90% of your success comes from your inner power and your mindset?

A lot of the decisions and actions we make in our life stem from our gut or what some call it, our hunch.


By following our intuition, our inner instinct and trusting what we are feeling –  can change your life in an extraordinary rewarding way.

Following the guidance of our sacred gift and connecting to our intuition is like learning a new language, it does not speak to us in physical words. It does this through our dreams, symbols, synchronicity’s, our inner voice, emotions that bring us a gut feeling..


Did you know life is never withholding anything from you? 

There is unlimited abundance everywhere, trying to break through…  But sabotaging patterns and unconscious beliefs blocks it.  It causes us to either push, struggle or withdraw and resign – both of which block our abundance even more.

Are you with me, on this exciting journey to release all of this resistance and feel the freedom in your life, reducing stress, laugh more, live more and have a fulfilling life and be in alignment to create whatever you want?


If you continue on the path you’re on expecting different results and doing the same actions over and over again, then you’ll only get what we call a self fulfilling prophecy.


self fulfilling prophecy

A nurse has recorded the most common regrets of the dying, and among the top ones is ‘I wish I had grabbed an opportunity that was offered to me’.

Let me ask you this – What would your biggest regret be if this was your last day of life?


Many great thinkers, such as Carl Jung, have emphasised the importance of intuition and the impact it had on their personal and professional lives. They celebrated it as pre-existing knowledge and wisdom, resident in every one of us but often suppressed.

Jung went so far as to label intuition as one of four major functions of the human mind along with sensation, thinking, and feeling. By balancing all of these functions within ourselves, we have the ability to maximise our potential.

Intuition is also a means of accessing our creative self-expression, as seen in the works of artists, writers, and musicians. Nor, is it restricted to the creative arts. Many have achieved remarkable success in the fields of science, business, and entrepreneurship, due to their ability to ‘trust their gut’. 


Your connection to the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. This is why it’s such an amazing source of creative power, wisdom, and understanding. It transcends the realms of experience or reasoning.

I followed my hunch years ago when my third child was different from my other 2 and this resulted in my discovery of Indigo Kids, which led to my first book “I am indigo” and a healing system that clears the Akashic Records – the Soul Records.   I discovered that the first gift of Indigo Power is sensitivity and intuition. It’s called this gift “clairsentience” which means “clear feeling.” It makes them feel clear truth in situations and within people. They are an excellent judge of character.

i am indigo

And you have that ability too….

To opt in to the HOW TO IGNITE THE POWER OF YOUR INTUITIVE MIND 6 week program

click here 


Here are two reasons why your resistance to manifesting is out of alignment with your intuition….

  • Emotions that are stuck, in reversal or frozen patterns which were picked up when you were a child may be affecting your life now.


  • Not truly knowing what you want, blocks you to your desires. Creating a mixed signal message to the Universe being unclear, conflicted and even scrambled.

Here are some examples of our emotions that cause blocks and resistance in your energy system, delaying the receiving of and aligning to what you’ve been asking for:








Does that resonate with you?

These are all keeping you feeling stuck in resistance – or indeed on ‘PAUSE’ – whenever you feel uncertain about doing something, meaning you avoid situations and tasks that involve feeling ‘unsure’.

In the HOW TO IGNITE THE POWER OF YOUR INTUITIVE MIND, you will discover how to shift them so you can move forward with confidence.

In this developing intuition course you will:

  • Learn how to quiet mental chatter and let you soul speak
  • Learn how to hear your intuition more clearly
  • Gain the freedom you have always wanted, and step into who you are here to be
  • Receive an incredible and deep energy healing designed to help you quiet the mental chatter and bolster your intuition

What to expect following registration to “How to Ignite The Power Of Your Intuitive Mind”:

You will access video and audio recordings, including guided meditations and written, supportive assignments.

Instructions are provided in the recordings.





It’s not you, it’s me…

Maybe it came out of nowhere and hit you like a ton of bricks, or, perhaps, you feared the day would come but tried to avoid the conversation. The words that made you feel that your heart had stopped beating:

“We need to talk,”

“It’s not you, it’s me,”

“I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”

or “I just need space…”


You may have felt you had found The One, but with the announcement of a few words the future you planned together is now gone. There’s a part of you that feels lost, your heart is broken and there’s a huge hole in your life.

Breakups are usually one-sided

One person walks off into the horizon while the other is left confused, angry, and sad.

At this point, pretty much anything feels better than the pain you are feeling. When you’re heartbroken, the hurt, loneliness and vulnerability are acute.

So, go ahead and block the person from all of your social media, delete them from your contacts on your mobile phone, and rip up all of those heartfelt letters where you still reigned supreme.


There are many people who, instead, become obsessed with their ex and do things that cause further pain to themselves and don’t help in the very important healing process. They include:

  • Finding any desperate excuse to contact them—picking up something they left at their ex’s house or returning an item of theirs.
  • Thinking of any reason—or none at all—to call or text the person.
  • Driving past their house or work.
  • Running into the ex’s best friend to casually bring up their name and find out what they’re up to.

Mending a broken heart is hard, and there is no fool-proof way to stop your heart from hurting. Unfortunately, you can’t go under, over or around the pain—you have to go through it.


How do you get beyond the pain?

If the sadness of the breakup is overwhelming, and you find that you are unable to complete your daily tasks, are sleeping too much, avoiding friends and family and generally having a hard time functioning, you may want to invest in the Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method.

With the Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method, I will help you cope and provide tools and techniques to help you get through this hard time, help you understand how important and valuable you are, help you understand what you bring to a partnership, support you to heal, let go, and move on, help you regain your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.

This will patch up your heart so you can move on to become a stronger and more confident, vibrant and sexy woman! We will explore, expose and transform your deepest heartbreak. Through a process of forgiveness of yourself and others, you will dissolve judgement, guilt, grievance, pain, and self-attack, while bringing your heart back into wholeness. What an amazing feeling!

I can help you to understand your true feelings and how to overcome the fears, pain and possible depression you are undergoing. In addition, you can join in the weekly Q & As to help answer the questions that you were afraid to ask elsewhere.

There is no magic pill or checklist that will make everything better after a breakup. It usually takes some time. Being honest with yourself and others about your emotions and feelings during this time is important.

I truly know how you feel after my 34 year old relationship broke up, leaving me floundering, which is why I created the Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method, with positive ways you can make the best of an unexpected and painful situation.  If I had a heartbreak coach or an online program like this to guide me when I was going through my heartbreak, It wouldn’t have taken me years to get over someone who wasn’t good for me. Absolutely NO ONE is worth that much time to get over. NO ONE is worth that amount of hopelessness, tears, and sleepness nights. I want to make sure that you won’t ever have to worry about taking years to let go of that much pain. I want to make sure that your pain ends this year!

It may feel like your world has shattered, but you now have the chance to create a new reality, a new you and find a new love when the time is right. The world is filled with adventure and opportunity, and this is just the next step in the journey.

If you want the answer, ask the question…

Two of the most common questions I receive are:

“Why I am going through difficulties and challenges in my life”

“What is keeping me away (blocking me) from being all I can be today”

It’s like you’re happily driving down the road and all of a sudden there’s a fallen tree and you just can’t see how to remove the block to drive forwards to where you wish to go….

tree blocking road


I love receiving your questions because,  if we don’t question what is going on within us and around us, how else can we come into “awareness”.

Questioning is the first step of coming into the awareness of things.

There are many ways to get the answers to your questions, but in my world of working with energy, you not only get the answers to your questions, but you also get to know how to shift things positively by knowing the “ROOT CAUSE” of your issues, patterns, and challenges.

One of the most common Root Cause, I have found after working with hundreds of clients is the Soul Vow.

The Soul Vow are sacred words that we speak to the Divine. It may start as a goal, then that goal is reinforced with thoughts, then it may become an obsession and that obsession is reinforced with thoughts and that becomes an active memory which become obsessive thoughts which become commitments and so on and so on and so on…. So it goes deep into a solidified pattern in your level of consciousness.

The Soul Vows generally involve our agreement to ourselves, to others or to the Divine.

Depending upon the wording, energy, and intensity of the vow while making it in past lives, these “sacred promises of the past” may have been carried through many past lives right into our life now.

Most of the times, these vows might simply be no longer serving you. At worst, these vows may be actively interfering in your life now by keeping you from being all that you can be today.

Soul Vows can also act as painful blocks that stop you from being able to achieve your dreams of :

  • having a wonderful loving fulfilling relationship
  • experiencing support and love from others with your goals
  • becoming successful in business so you have financial freedom of stability and security

When a Soul vow is blocking the way, it is disheartening – and always confusing.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who have tried every “thing” they could think of to find their “true love”, their “soul mate” or to make their business a great success, so that they gain financial freedom of having stability and security – and yet, nothing worked.

In situations like this, it’s often a Soul Vow that is standing in the way.

If your consciousness, a desire in you, a question from you has led you here, it means that you have fully experienced the outcomes of your action in taking the vows and you are ready to let them go.


Below, I’ve listed 5 common Soul Vows that people often don’t realise they have. Perhaps you recognise some of these within yourself?

Before you read these 5 Common Soul Vows, Just know this that..


1. Soul Vows Of Abdicating Love

2. Soul Vows Of Achievement

3. Soul Vows Of Abdicating Personal Power

4. Soul Vows Of Purity  (freedom from regret, chastity)

5. Soul Vows Of Poverty


How to Get Started Releasing & Clearing These Vows?

So, what do you do if you realise (through your own self-examination or through a session with me) that perhaps you’ve been unknowingly running up against a Soul Vow from A Past Life that you no longer want?

How can you break it?

First of all, know that you can not just break, release or Heal any Soul Vow that you want. This doesn’t work this way. Before Releasing a Vow, you must know and realise how this Vow has served you.

What have you learned from it?

Why did you place this Soul Vow in first Place?

What was going on emotionally at the time when the Vow has been created?


You need to come into the awareness of how this Soul Vow is showing up in your life?

What Patterns and Themes it has created for you?

Once you feel you’ve really understood and acknowledged this Vow, you now fully understand where it shows up and how it’s affecting your life. After you’ve been working on making some different decisions, you can release the soul vow by having it cleared in your Akashic Records, with Ancestral Healing by me and revoking the vow.


Front Page


It’s one of the most empowering things you can do to heal not only yourselves but your coming Generations.

Think about the opportunity to give a blank slate to your coming generations, without the generational imprints and trauma, so that they don’t have to heal these things, which are coming from you and the ancestors before you so that they can create the life they desire from the very beginning of their lives.

Think about the effect of your Past lives Actions are making on not only your life but on your loved ones as well.

“Remember when (a man) or woman is healed, she not only heals herself but helps heal all Heal her ancestors and coming generations”

Easy 5 steps to make the most of the New Moon, 24 January 2020

Are you feeling the need to break free and speak about what you honestly feel?

I feel


This New Moon on Friday 24 January,  is like a breath of fresh air, because the keyword is LIBERATION, which is the action of setting you FREE!


It’s the perfect time to cut ties from anything holding you back from being true to you.

cutting ties

It could mean changing up your career, re-evaluating relationships, and even setting goals for the future.  It’s even more likely to inspire new ideas, as well as a need for reflection.


This cosmic energy could prompt you into taking the action necessary to experience freedom and change in an area of life that has not felt authentic or nurturing to who you truly are. On 24th January, a new refreshing experience can also come to you that can change your perception!”



New Moons are all about beginnings and sowing seeds, and the keywords for this Aquarius New Moon are:

  • freedom
  • independence
  • friendship
  • ideals
  • hopes
  • dreams
  • wishes
  • originality
  • authenticity

Anything you start now in these areas will grow and flourish over the next several months.

Whatever intentions you plant now have the potential to grow, but in ways you would least expect.

Perhaps your desire is to start a new initiative, partnership, or create fresh goals for yourself.

New seeds (setting intentions) that you plant in your life now will start to manifest during the next full moon,” which will happen on February 9.

To receive a simple, fast and powerful intention setting workbook, click this link 


During this period, you may receive a sudden idea, so trust your gut and listen to what your intuition is telling you.

Prepare for surprises, and don’t bank on anything turning out the way you thought it would. Let go of the outcome!


Here are some tips for making the most of this New Moon

1. Be open to surprises!

It’s important that you’re ready for the unexpected to come into your life. What intentions you set, be sure to make room for surprises!

2. Be amongst like-minded people

Take this time to join a group that you have always had an interest in, whether it’s a book club, meditation group, a yoga studio or a more athletic community.

Here is the link to my Facebook Group – Fearlessly Moving Forwards  for separated, divorced or bereaved.

3. Make time for play

Why not allow your own, inner rebel to come out and play for a while – go out dancing, have some fun and break some rules – you know you want to!

4. Contact your friends 

Life is busy, and we often neglect friendships for the sake of work, family or our partners, so make this time a time to connect with your people, and share memories together!

5. Join a Workshop or Course

This is an ideal time to buy a course, ideally one you can develop over the next
6 months or so.

Don’t be scared to try one out!

Opt in to “How To Ignite The Power of Your Intuitive Mind” 6-week online course, to open yourself to fully trusting your gut, your intuition.

how to ignite the power

Learn how your childhood experiences shape you

I have created a Facebook Group ‘Fearlessly Moving Forwards’ for those separated, divorced or bereaved, to share life tools and tips to help rebuild your life.

fearlessly moving forwards


Because I know what it feels like when a long term relationship ends and wish I’d known then, what I know now.

I am sharing strategies in this private Facebook Group to move on from grief, heartache and even resentment.


I always say to my clients “In order to figure out where you are going you have to first understand where you have been.  It all starts at the beginning.”

After I knew my long term marriage was over I chose to do a deep dive with my healing and to understand what I needed to learn from one “failed” marriage. I went on a healing journey and understood so much! Looking at my relationships with my parents and my parents relationship and the dynamic I saw growing up.

I dissected it all to truly understand why this all happened and happened the way it did. What I learned is that your relationship issues are not relationship issues. They are childhood problems, past life problems or even ancestral problems, disguising themselves as relationship issues.


question mark


If you are going through a separation or divorce, here are some questions to ask yourself:-

  • What was the dynamic between your parents in their marriage?

  • How is your relationship with your mum?

  • How is your relationship with your dad?

Usually if you’re female you look at the father figure in your life and if you’re a male you look at the mother figure in your life.

  • What are the similarities/pattern in all your relationships?

There’s always something that connects them all.

  • Was your relationship based on what lives true in your heart or what you have been conditioned to want?

So many lives based on someone else’s narrative


For me in many aspects of my journey, the inner child has needed to be healed on many different levels. I think this rings true for many of us on this path, which is what I wrote about in my last blog.

Be kind to your inner child.  they are still very much present in all that we do.

inner child

That’s why healing your inner child in one of the most important healing’s you can do for yourself and your future relationships.

Your inner child is the echo of the child you once were. We each have our own history and we have all been influenced by our environment, events and the significant people around us. Our inner child has stored those memories, and their impact upon us.


Stay tuned – ‘Fearlessly Moving Forwards’ program is launched this year which includes healing your inner child!

The shift from powerless to empowered is a gentle one, but lies in the way you experienced the end.

Please share this information to all you know in this situation, so they can join the group and begin their healing journey!

Discover what ‘inner child’ means?

Have you ever thought about why you can’t move forward?

Have you wondered why you sabotage yourself?

Have you ever questioned why you so easily feel anxious, depressed, and self-critical?

Inside each of us there’s an inner child that was once wounded.

To avoid the pain, we’ve tried to ignore that child, but s/he never goes away. Our inner child lives in our unconscious mind and influences how we make choices, respond to challenges, and live our lives.

Your Inner Child is the echo of the child you once were.inner child

We each have our own history and we have all been influenced by our environment, events and the significant people around us. Our inner child has stored those memories, and their impact upon us, as well as past lives and shadows we inherit from our ancestors, such as abuse, abandonment, betrayal etc.

Up to the age of six years, our brain was functioning at a relatively slow pace —the Theta brainwave frequency of 4-7 cycles per second—which is a very ‘receptive’ brainwave state, and we would have been profoundly affected by our experiences.


inner child

We will have made ‘decisions’ at a sub-conscious level, about how we ‘should’ be and what we ‘should’ do in order to be seen as OK, and to be allowed to stay around and to ‘survive’ in our families.

Our later experiences will have reinforced these beliefs and formed our own ‘story’ for how our life ‘should’ be. We carry these immature stories and decisions with us into adulthood — when they run our lives more than 90% of the time.

It therefore makes sense that we should revisit the experiences of the child we once were and to find out what our own story says about our life and the unfolding drama we have been re-creating and repeating.

Not doing so will result in our playing out of the same un-examined story and drama over and over again.

We cannot change the story by talking about it, or by conscious effort alone. It was designed to keep us safe—albeit in ways that now hinder us—and so it isn’t given up that easily!

Most of the time we are living life like a child inside a grown-up’s body – and the child within us yearns for attention, understanding, care and support.

We may try to silence these deeper longings with alcohol or drugs, by promiscuity, gambling, over-spending, over-eating, work-a-holism, self-harming and other ways of avoiding the real and deeper needs we have. Needs which we haven’t allowed ourselves to become fully aware of, or to find a way to have sufficiently met.

Where does it begin?

We have all been influenced by our environments since the time we were in our mother’s womb.

The sounds around us, our mother’s stress levels, the abundance or deficit of the ‘feel-good’ hormones, our nourishment or lack of it, complications, twin pregnancies, drugs, alcohol, and infections will all have played their part in how safe we felt even before we were born. We can even hear if Mum and or Dad say they wanted a ‘girl’ and you were born a boy! Or vice versa.  Resulting in never feeling good enough! Or worthy of their love!

Then the actual birth experience, and our early infant care, and the ‘emotional availability’ of our mother will have either reinforced or soothed the impact of those first pre-natal influences.

As small children we will have been absorbing a great deal from our extended families, our caregiver(s), friends, pre-school and early school years, and religious institutions.

We may not have had words for these experiences but they will have been ‘logged’ in our sub-conscious minds and bodies.

Everything is “energy” but you can imagine it like a “pool” in which we float, or sink. Inevitably, the water will be a bit dirty – or it may even be like thick mud.


In this pool resides our self-esteem, body-image, family trauma, shame and secrets (even if not spoken about—as they all affect the quality of the care our caregivers are able to show to us).

We will sink down into this pool, or mud, whenever we are overwhelmed by our negative thoughts, emotions, self-doubt or self-loathing.


When clearing your Akashic (Soul) Records and removing ancestral and past life stuff, as well as current energy, the aim is to sensitively lift out this dirt and mud, layer by layer (like an onion), until we remove all the old programs and beliefs into what we call “dead files” and replace with the positive instead.

We must also learn how not to ‘top-it-up’ with more (negative energy) mud—either by doing that ourselves, or by being around other people who want to dump some of their own mud onto us, instead of dealing with it, and cleaning it up, for themselves.

Signs that your Inner Child is wounded

These will be shown in low self-esteem, poor body-image, mood and emotional imbalances, problems with boundaries being too rigid or too weak, problems with eating, harming yourself, being ‘false’ and wearing ‘masks’, identity problems, being a rebel/ a hoarder/ a bully/ a perennial victim or a super-achiever, intimacy problems, commitment problems, a general lack of trust in yourself and others, criminal behaviour, excessive lying, being ‘overly-responsible’ for others, being fiercely competitive and a poor loser, dependencies and addictions, a lack of genuine friends, obsessive and needy behaviour, fear of authority figures, being manipulative, being passive, or being aggressive.

That’s a long—and sadly not exhaustive—list.

To repair and heal the wounds caused by parents, past lives or ancestors is absolutely possible with Ancestral Healing and clearing the Akashic (Soul) Records


What can we do to help our wounded Inner Child?

We can learn how to meet, rescue and ‘adopt’ this wounded child who still lives deep inside us. After all, you are the only person who you can guarantee never to leave you!

We can then emotionally contain and soothe our Inner Child, and allow the Competent Adult inside us to ‘attend to business’ out in the world.

However, we must regularly keep in touch with what our Inner Child still needs from us—which is, to be truly cared for by someone who wants the very best for them—that’s you!

If you have a photograph of yourself as a small child, this will help you to empathically reconnect with him/her— the aim of which is to now understand their plight and to show them/yourself the compassion which has been missing.

inner child

It is often easier to feel compassion for other people than it is for yourself and you may have been rejecting and ignoring the yearning of your Inner Child – who has been calling out to you, over many years, for your interest, attention, compassion and love.

It may mean you now allowing yourself to have ‘treats’ and rewards that you would never have allowed yourself, or have been allowed by your parents, in the past.

The sensible competent Adult part of you should be able to set fair and sensible boundaries around this, so that you do not over-indulge yourself, or use any rewards as either a distraction or as a cover up for your deeper pain.

Rescuing and re-parenting your Inner Child will allow you to ‘fill in the gaps’ and enable you to live a more positive and rewarding life—with fun, laughter, spontaneity, authenticity, and most importantly, with love.

I want to heartily encourage you to re-parent yourself and your inner child by lovingly caring for her and by doing these things as often as you can (these apply to both boys and girls)…

  • Remind yourself how special and wonderful you were as a child
  • Have a safe place that you can bring to mind where you and your inner child can meet and play together
  • When you speak kindly to your inner child each day, have a loving and soothing inner voice – one that is supportive, soft, nurturing, patient and comforting
  • Tell her/him she is now loved, valued, and appreciated by you
  • Be sure to tell your inner little girl that she doesn’t have to prove herself to anyone
  • She has nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about. None of what happened to her was ever her fault. She didn’t deserve to be treated badly.
  • She was just in the wrong place and had no means of escape – but she is now free at last!
  • There is nothing wrong with her/him.Tell them how proud you are of them
  • She needs to feel respected. Don’t tolerate disrespect ever again
  • Tell her that you will be her guardian, champion and protector from now on. Things will be OK and you will never let her come to any more harm
  • She need never again fear being alone because you are always there for her now
  • Apologise for not being aware of her pain and needs in the past, and of pushing her too hard sometimes to try and impress others
  • Assure her that you will only allow safe, trustworthy and respectful people into your/her world now. Notice loving mothers who are caring for their babies and absorb that loving energy between a mother and child
  • Reassure her that you will be alongside her either to speak up on her behalf, or to support her when she speaks up
  • Agree upon a symbol of her freedom…something for her to summon up whenever she feels the need to escape and be alone with her thoughts. This might be (as some of my own clients have imagined) a crystal ladder, a floating bubble, a hot air balloon…anything that comes to mind that you/she can associate with release and freedom
  • Regularly ask her how she’s feeling and what she wants. Imagine sitting alongside that little girl, putting your arm around her shoulders and gently pulling her close to your heart.
  • She has a home in your heart that she will never have to leave. She is safe with you now
  • If she wants to cry let her cry, and be there as her new mother to wipe her tears and soothe her pain or fear. Accept all her feelings and don’t react negatively to what comes up. Be patient with her
  • Remember that healing happens in different ways and time-frames. Promise to do your best to bring her the joy that has been missing from her life – and this will be profoundly healing for you both.
  • Show respect to your body – the home of your inner child. Keep it clean and toxin free. Keep it safe and happy… like a good caring home should be
  • Think of her emotional healing as being like the physical healing of a wound – one step at a time. Keep the wound free of further contamination. Avoid toxic people and environments. Don’t ever let her swallow any more poison – particularly if you still keep in touch with toxic/unhealed family members
  • Get back those things that brought you joy as a child – no matter how fleeting. Be sure to make a big thing of her birthdays and Christmas, holidays and achievements
  • Set up creative activities for your playful inner child to enjoy! Bouncing, dancing, crafts, finger painting and anything else that takes her fancy. Drawing – from the right brain – is a great way to express your inner child’s feelings. Allow doodling and unstructured drawing and see what emerges when you’re in the ‘zone’ of childlike creativity. Don’t judge her efforts… just as you wouldn’t judge a child bringing her art work home from school to show you. Be proud and show it!
  • Sing songs from childhood (whether you could sing well back then or not). Release any shame dumped on you for your singing ability – and instead enjoy stretching your vocal chords and making your own sounds that come from your heart and reach out into the world strengthening your throat chakra.
  • Encourage her to loosen up and allow physical and emotional intimacy (this will enhance your own sexual intimacy too). She must feel safe and unconditionally accepted to be able to do this. Show her that she can trust her own instincts and be guided by her own ‘antennae’ as to who is safe. She may doubt her ability based upon her mistakes in the past. You are healing now and as you grow in love for yourself and your life you won’t want or allow anyone close to your inner child if they don’t align with that self love and a conscious caring relationship, strengthening your Sacral Chakra.
  • Whenever you have to leave your deliberate connection with her, always imagine placing her back inside the warmth and safety of your loving heart, strengthening your Heart Chakra.

Please remember that your inner child is a real part of your sub-conscious mind – a wounded child who needs your love, care and compassion…because no-one else can heal her pain and help her to make peace with the past.

Heather Prince


Any questions email me




Divorce Day 2020!

The first working Monday back after the Christmas break is wryly dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ by lawyers who typically see a spike in couples considering divorce.
Divorce Day this year falls today on Monday, January 6 when solicitors across the country will expect to be fielding more enquiries from couples unhappy in their marriage.
Experts say the stress of trying to create the perfect Christmas, along with low bank balances after the festive break, when tensions are high, are the main reasons why married couples decide to split at this time of year.
New research from Richard Nelson solicitors has found that searches for ‘I want a divorce’ rose by 230% in the first week of January 2020 compared to December 2019.
I want a divorce

Research reveals that divorce rate was highest for men aged 45-49 and women aged 40-44.  Some believe that it’s because people have reached that stage of life when they have the money, the children have left home and they don’t know if their other half is the person they wish to spend the rest of their life with. The relationship is just not working any more!

No one goes into marriage expecting to divorce.  It can leave you with deep feelings for your ex-partner even though the marriage is no longer viable.  It can leave you with fear, low self esteem, low self confidence and the question of “Who Am I?”

So the question is –


Do you know anyone who is struggling with being separated, divorced or bereaved?

I have “niched” my market and created a free Facebook Group to offer tips and life tools to help, called Fearlessly Moving Forwards
fearlessly moving forwards
Because 9 years ago, my world fell apart after 34 years of being together and nearly 29 years married.  And I wish to help others.  In fact, I wish I knew then, what I know now!

Breaking up with my former husband was the most crushing event in my life. It made me see myself as a failure, hide in embarrassment, and cry myself to sleep for months, talk about “Cry Me A River”!!!

Whether you are separated, divorced or bereaved, you experience heartbreak.  The world you know ends.

Through heartbreak, you come to see yourself as rejected, dejected, failed, and damaged.

You question the meaning of life.

These were the thoughts that occupied my mind for a couple years of my life.

I’m glad to say I survived this experience, stronger and wiser!

So I like to think of the group like a Life Handbook.  It will offer tips and life tools in an effort to get people through this phase in their life all in one piece.  There is going to be in a state of change for a while.  It can either be spent as if the person was a “victim” battered and bruised, or they can become the “victor” and wake up every day knowing they can choose their attitude to whatever happens.  And I do mean “whatever happens”.  You see we only have control over one person and that person is you!  
So whatever your personal situation, the group is there to offer support during the emotional and practical stages of the journey ahead.  Not only that, when you realise that you have the power to take back control of your life and choose your responses to whatever happens, you will emerge from this stage in your life feeling buoyant, not bitter.

Please share the link to anyone you know in this situation.


Ding, Ding All Change!

Happy 2020 and happy new decade.

I have had time to review and reflect on my business and after people have been watching my video on The Rootmaster Facebook page, they asked why I’m not more focused on helping divorced, separated or bereaved people.

So I’m proud to announce that I’m the founder of Fearlessly Moving Forwards®, a private Facebook Group full of wonderful resources to help you move forward after divorce, separation or bereavement.

fearlessly moving forwards

As some of you may be aware, I’ve been teaching meditation and mindfulness continuously for the past 25 years and after the last 5 years of conducting research and development into the growing challenge of breakup and loss of a partner – I discovered that in some cases it can result in post-traumatic relationship syndrome! hurt


What I’ve found during my research and development is that both meditation and mindfulness quickly and sustain-ably can transform your internal dialogue, self awareness and self regulation. The outcomes have been a profound improvement on self-belief, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and self-love. An overall sense of well-being, control and clarity of direction. nurturing yourself

People often have a lot more to deal with than just the break up or bereavement. It’s not unusual for the amazing people I work with to be holding down jobs, raising a family, caring for elderly parents or dealing with their own health issues (or all of the above) and ALL while trying to deal with their loss. So, if you’re in the same boat don’t worry. I can help.

Heather Prince

I get it. I’m a Divorced mum with 3 adult kids and 8 grand-kids plus a 93 year old mum. Our house is chaos, I’m frequently exhausted and I don’t know where the time goes BUT I’ve built a very successful life and I can help you do the same in fact, I’ve been helping people with life tools and confidence since 2004. Why? ‘cos I just want to help. Over the years, so many people have loved my no-nonsense approach.

Through my Masterclasses, blogs, videos and podcasts you’ll find loads of inspiration and support to get through the tough times, deal with the fears and mind monkeys and create your gorgeous life. I promise you can transform your mind and your life and get control of your life in only a few months. 

If this is not relevant to you, then please do forward this to someone you know who would benefit.


To join my private Group CLICK HERE