May 15, 2019 Heather Prince

Intuition is real. Vibes are real. Energy doesn’t lie. Tune in.

As you may already be aware, I am co-founder of the HUNCH CLUB, together with Lisa Michaels.
Our purpose is to bring guidance to those that are being called to their soul.

We all yearn to meet the right people when we are going through different experiences with ourselves personally.

Our mission is to help you develop yourself on a spiritual level where you have access to wisdom, your higher self, creativity, imagination and the awareness to know how to transform your life.

This will help you improve on a dimensional level to understand how the Universe works, where your connections are deeper more meaningful and fulfilling.

Join our tribe in the Hunch club Facebook community where you can evolve and learn more about yourself and that there are subtle energies that you can tune into.


We are different to most self development platforms and communities as we teach to listen and trust the language of energy tuning into the invisible space that leads you into a being of multidimensional growth.

You’ll experience a deeper communication with your HIGHER SELF and connect with the divine spark that is in all of us.

So if your an empath, sensitive soul, or even in the process of awakening to your soul calling, you’re going to need guidance and we’ve got it right here..

Our membership is opening soon and at an amazing £47 per month you can have access to mentors, guidance, tools, workshops questions and answers. Cosmic and planetary movement updates as it happens.

Follow @thehunchclub for intuitive guidance into the language of energy, the non physical realms, inspiration and spiritual transformational development.

Love Light & Intuitive insights💗

Heather 🙏

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Heather Prince Heather Prince is the go-to person for healing your inherited blocks so you are free to live the life of your dreams.

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