Do you feel lost, confused and out of alignment with your inner peace?

I totally get that if you suffer from anxiety, you live in a painful state of waiting for some unknown and unseen danger.

I’ve experienced this myself and thought I was going to die when I had my first panic attack!

If you’re feeling like this right now, I’ve created this Anxiety Toolbox just for you.

While many people don’t consider anxiety to be an emotion, there is no denying that anxiety emotions are very real. Even though you may feel other emotions – like anger, malice and a failure – anxiety itself represents an emotional state where you feel miserable and unhappy.

Stress and anxiety are linked, because when you have anxiety you are essentially causing your body long term stress.

It is important to learn how to cope with emotions and alter your life so that you can maintain emotional control. By addressing the:-

• causes of your anxiety
• the symptoms
• the way that you cope with stress

you can learn exactly what you need to do to maintain positive emotions and keep your anxiety from running away with itself.

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What you will get:-

TOOL 1 – How to trust your intuition and why that is important.

TOOL 2 -Setting your clear intention to let go of anxiety and worry

TOOL 3 -Keep your attention in your body.

TOOL 4 -Get out of the mind and back into the body

TOOL 5 -Clear the Fear Response

TOOL 6 – How to use essential oils

TOOL 7 – How to deal with a panic attack

TOOL 8 – Learn how to be A.W.A.R.E

TOOL 9 – Becoming Master of You


The Anxiety Toolbox

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