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The Life Changing Claim You Power program will give you a one-to-one direct Ancestral healing session with Heather as well as a range of resources that you can work on in your own home in your own way, to increase your stability, security and safety, by working on your Root/Base Chakra.  The stronger this Chakra, the stronger your physical body.  It teaches you to be present in the here and now, to be in the moment, letting go of fear or feelings of lack or restlessness and stepping up into your most powerful and miraculous self.

Who this course is for:

This course is for people who have been TOO NICE for TOO LONG, and are ready to take back their power.

This course is for people who are hungry for success because they know how much it matters to them and their family.

This course is for people who are done doing what everyone else wants while ignoring what they need for themselves.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to wake up 30-days from now twice as aware as you are now with ….

  • better health
  • a sense of self love
  • a sense of belonging
  • a sense of your own value or worth as a person


What you will get:

This Program will be arriving as an email, in your inbox one mission at a time (there are 10 missions to complete).  You can work on each mission in your own time and return to each one, if you wish to repeat the process.

I know people have had a lot of success with things they’ve learned in my programs and I know you will too.

Life Changing Claim Your Power
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