The Anxiety Toolbox

It’s so easy to feel totally lost, confused and out of alignment with our inner peace.  I totally get that if you suffer from anxiety, you live in a painful state of waiting for some unknown and unseen danger. If you’re feeling like this right now, I’ve created this Anxiety Toolbox just for you.

What you will get:-

TOOL 1 – How to trust your intuition?

TOOL 2 -Today, set your clear intention to let go of anxiety and worry

TOOL 3 -Keep your attention in your body.

TOOL 4 -Get Out of the Mind and Back into the Body

TOOL 5 -Clear the Fear Response

TOOL 6 – How to use essential oils

TOOL 7 – How to deal with a panic attack

TOOL 8 – Learn how to be A.W.A.R.E

TOOL 9 – Becoming Master of You


The Anxiety Toolbox

The toolkit is delivered by email to your inbox each day for the next 10 days, for you to keep and refer to whenever you wish in your own time.  Buy Now.


Inner Relationship Challenge


In this mini-challenge, you will discover that every relationship you have is a reflection of how you relate and interact with yourself. Your relationship with a friend shows you just as much about your ‘self -relationship’ as an interaction you have with a stranger. Each relationship and interaction are different, yet they each give you the opportunity to realize how much you love, accept, and honour yourself.

7 Day Inner Relationship Challenge

The Rainbow Within


Paperback from £5.50
Kindle £3.12
A rabbit whose name is Bumbly, seeks self enlightenment by searching for the colours of the rainbow (which relate to the energy chakras – The body has spinning energy centres that look like spinning wheels and are called Chakras (pronounced sha-kra) – the Sanskist word for “wheel”. Holding your attention on a particular colour brings that vibration into your energy field and has an effect on your consciousness, which can experience as a change in mood.

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I Am Indigo


Paperback from £2.00
Indigo is the merging of violet and blue within the light spectrum. It’s the colour of the sixth chakra, commonly known as the ‘third eye’, partly because of its position over the pineal gland and between the brows. Indigo is ‘seeing’ beyond the capabilities of the eyes.

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The Fruit Book


Kindle £5.81
Cooking is fun. And the earlier, you learn, the better fun it is. I am committed to helping you help yourself. I believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no-one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself.
When I was 9 years old my Mum gave me “My Learn-To-Cook Book” and I discovered a world of baking, creating delicious treats to share with my family. But what was most fun of all was the eating!
Cooking is easy and it’s exciting. If you follow carefully, step by step, the recipes in this book, you’ll find that everything tastes delicious. In fact, because you’ve made it yourself, it will taste a hundred times better! So on with your apron and into the kitchen!

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APPs and CDs

Being Centred CD

Happiness Meditation APP


£1.49 (iTunes)

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Meditation for Pregnancy and Birth

pregnancy meditation

$1.99 (iTunes)

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